Open Mic Adventures XXXI: “Carousel”

Last week Ponty asked for more open mic material, thus proving the heavy burden of talent—the fans are never satisfied.  I’ll note that Ponty has a significant backlog of requests, all of which I’ll get around to approximately whenever I feel like it (or, more accurately, when I have time to learn the pieces—they’re quite challenging for a hedge-pianist like myself).  Perhaps I should ask him to favor us with some of his guitar repertoire.

I’ll certainly get back to the “true” open mic material soon.  Summer looms, and I’ll finally have the time and energy to get back out to open mic nights on a regular basis.  In the meantime, I’m continuing to experiment with short piano compositions, and wrote this little ditty, “Carousel,” between classes on 2 May 2023.

Franz Joseph Haydn’s Seven German Dances was a major inspiration for this piece, especially the first one:

I explain a bit more about “Carousel” here—and give a slightly botched performance:

Here is a slightly better performance, but I still mess up the second ending—d’oh!:

For those interested, here is my simple right-hand only manuscript (chords to be played in the left hand):

Carousel Manuscript

My Middle School Music Ensemble students nominated two possible names, “Carousel” and “Ambata,” and “Carousel” won the day.  I’ll be writing “Ambata” soon as a separate piece.

The inspiration for this piece was not just Haydn.  Stacey Johnson‘s piece “Spore Song” inspired me to write a piano piece of the same name, and this piece was originally intended to represent the lightness of airy little spores dancing about.  It morphed into something a bit different, so I’m planning a separate “Spore Song” soon as well.

Happy Listening!


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5 thoughts on “Open Mic Adventures XXXI: “Carousel”

  1. Bouncy, cheery. A nice start to Tuesday.

    You’ll be lucky, regarding guitar compositions. I doubt I’ll have time this year though I was thinking of dusting my acoustic off this Summer and knocking off the odd tune. We’ll see.


  2. One thing stands out in all your videos – you have a happy heart. Your students must love you to pieces. As well they should.

    Difference in ages … I like your little carousel but I see that word and think this: I wasn’t born yet when the movie came out but I’ve seen it several times on ‘oldies’ stations. Just giving you another frame of reference, lol.

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  3. Port, “Carousel” is delightful and I appreciate your explanations and Hayden reference. I am also delighted by the idea of a song (or perhaps several) inspired by the idea of “the lightness of airy little spores dancing about.” Pure joy. Thanks for sharing these smiling notes!

    Liked by 2 people

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