Myersvision: Consider if You Will…

Audre Myers just can’t resist the alluring song of the Bigfoot, and keeps coming back to drink at the well of grainy video footage and armchair cryptozoological speculation.  As she quaffs away, we benefit from her insights in the form of thoughtful analyses of our big hairy friend.

What I still can’t get over is the lack of compellingclear footage of Bigfoot.  There’s always some post hoc rationalization for why the video doesn’t work (one of the more infamous examples I recall is the gentleman who had a branch in front of his trail cam, and the labored explanation that the infrared light emitted from it washed out the image).  Some of these videos of alleged sightings are so blurry, it seems that the power of suggestion is at play more than clear examination.  We want to see a Bigfoot, so we see one.  Clever YouTubers will draw a conical outline around the fuzzy form and proclaim, “Ah ha!  See!  It must be Bigfoot because it has a head shaped like a cone!”  Maybe it’s just Dan Aykroyd reprising his role in Coneheads (1993).  Now you’ll start seeing him when you watch this blurry footage.

This video, however, seems different.  Whatever the creature is, it is massive.

I’ll let Audre explain it from here:

New videos have surfaced that look interesting to me because the comments from the video prompts me to make some observations.

I’m from New York (Queens—one of the five boroughs) and have lived, among other places, in New Hampshire. New Hampshire has the occasional bear on holiday (like in a business’s parking lot, for instance) and the occasional moose on walk-about (like walking down main street in a town, for instance).. Let me share these first:

This is a bull moose:

Moose Photos - Pictures | Photos by Ron Niebrugge

This is a bear:

213,251 Bear Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

Now, I’d like you to look at this video:

In the first clip of the video, commenters wonder why, if it’s a ‘real’ bigfoot, it would walk out in the open when we know them to be ‘elusive’. Consider this: how often have you been so focused on a project or something requiring your rapt attention that you missed something right in front of you? Or … how many times have you looked for your glasses when they were sitting on top of your head. Any animal, creature, in its environment can be equally as focused, especially if the search for food is the engine that prompts motion. There are any number of photos of animals so intent on their kill that they miss the bigger predator right behind them. So it’s completely rational and natural that the creature in the first clip is more intent on what it is doing than being aware of what is watching him.

In the second clip, I want you to please look at 1.) the expanse of the back and look at the two pictures above in this article; 2.) examine the head of the creature and see if you notice prominent ears, as in the photo of the bear; 3.) even during rutting season, moose don’t do that side to side motion, mostly because they have four legs and not two. Imagine waiting for a bus—it’s late and you’ve got things to do and we are known to shift our weight from side to side while silently cursing our local transportation – now imagine you’re a two legged creature lying in wait for your prey. This just seems to me to be a plausible reason for the actions of the creature.

I placed the moose and bear photos in the article because unless you live in a rural area, it may have been some time since you’ve actually seen either animal. I think, unless we are made to look at something, I think we just sort of remember in a general way what an animal looks like. When I look at these two pictures (which are generic and can be found anywhere), I cannot fathom for the life of me how the creatures in the video could possibly be mistaken for either one. But maybe that’s just me. I’m very much interested in what you think. Leave a comment!


10 thoughts on “Myersvision: Consider if You Will…

  1. In the ‘community’, the type of horrible picture quality you describe, Port, the image is referred to as a ‘blotchsquash’.

    In a previous post, I included the very best ever video of a bigfoot – the thumbnail of that video is Idaho Bigfoot. You may want to link to that article, Port.

    But once again, I thank you for your kindness and for your fun introductions.

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    • Here is the piece:

      I have to confess, I’d forgotten about this much more compelling video in the sea of low-quality, grainy, overly-explained Bigfoot videos. It seems that the more the videographer has to rationalize the image, the less compelling it is. I still remember that one where a guy was out filming and claimed he didn’t see the Sasquatch at the time, then went back and showed this blotchy brown lump in the far distance, and claimed it HAD to be Bigfoot hunkered down amid some hedges.

      If that’s the quality of the video, Sasquatch hunters are doing a disservice when they try to hype up some fuzzy brown pixels as Bigfoot.

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      • For a lot of folks … it’s the ‘click’ that counts and not the veracity of the content. You’ve only seen a tiny fraction of the pictures and videos I’ve examined. The amount of crap out there is staggering. That Idaho bigfoot video IS the needle in the haystack.

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