Open Mic Adventures XXIII: “Gabbi’s Gavotte”

I’m a tad pressed for time this week, what with the big Music Festival coming up for my students on Thursday.  It’s a flurry of activity for yours portly, so I have a very short little snippet for this week’s edition of Open Mic Adventures.

Regular readers will know of my red tardy slip composing project.  My students have largely been showing up to school on time lately—drat!—so I haven’t had occasion to pen many more miniatures, but I do have a short one that is a bit lively and fun.

It’s called “Gabbi’s Gavotte,” and it’s a short little piece that probably is not a gavotte in the traditional sense—I’m just a sucker for alliteration.

Here’s the original red tardy slip version:

Gabbi's Gavotte

And here is my hasty attempt at playing it after lunchtime lessons on Monday:

How’d I do with this little jig in A major?

Happy Listening!


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