Open Mic Adventures XVIII: “Satiean Motion”

For the second consecutive edition of Open Mic Adventures, I’m diving back into 2022 and pieces from my my modern classical piano project, P​é​ch​é​s d​’​â​ge moyen, which I released on 4 March 2022.  This week, I’m featuring one of my favorite pieces, “Satiean Motion.”

The piece takes its name from the works of French composer Erik Satie, who is perhaps best known for his piece Gymnopedie No. 1:

“Satiean Motion” possesses something of the tick-tocking back-and-forth of Satie’s piece, so I named it honor of the eccentric composer.  Listen for yourself:

As a little bonus, here is the original handwritten manuscript from 15 February 2022.  Measures 5 and 6 had some rewrites, so the melody moves to Ab, Bb, C, and B natural, the first three notes against an Ab major chord, the B natural against a G major:

Satiean Motion - Manuscript

The piece should be played with heavy pedal, for anyone looking to learn this twelve-measure piano miniature.  If you play it, pleas send me a video or recording; I’d love to post it here to the blog!  Just play the listed chords in the left hand.

Happy Listening!


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4 thoughts on “Open Mic Adventures XVIII: “Satiean Motion”

  1. I’m disappointed mate. No sign in, no sign off. I’ve become accustomed to your nods to the camera, a word or two, maybe a thumbs up. What to do with you…:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I particularly liked how you lifted part of that tune while you were also playing the low notes. Quite haunting.

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    • Haha, yes! I’m a bit disappointed in 2022 Tyler, too. I suppose I wanted to invest the piece with a bit of wordless gravity.

      Thank you! I was very pleased with how this recording came out. It’s a very simple piece, but it achieved the haunting quality I was hoping for.

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