Open Mic Adventures XI: Spooktacular Supergroup Covers “Monster Mash”

The third front porch Spooktacular was a smashing success (at least according to my mom, my girlfriend, and me—a pretty unbiased group, yeah?), with many of my private music students taking the stage to share their talents.  Even a few former students, now off to bigger and grander things, stopped by to sing a song or two.

As is tradition at these events, I invited anyone with an instrument or a voice to join us on stage for a couple of songs.  By the time I offered up this invitation, most of my younger students and their families had left, but several were still around.

From those remaining—two bassists, a guitarist, two piano players, a singer, my niece, John (on acoustic guitar) and myself (on drums)—we formed an ad hoc supergroup.  One of my younger students—the young man who walks Murphy for me while I’m at work—took lead on the vocals, and really nailed it.  He sounds like a younger Bobby Pickett!

My girlfriend caught the magic on video.  While it’s not the full song, you get the idea:

Apparently, John forgot to plug his guitar back in, and one of my students later told me the keyboard had come unplugged from the sound system.  You don’t hear much of either in the video, so the performance still went well, and it was a blast to see everyone up there singing and playing and having fun.

We also performed KISS’s “I Was Made for Lovin’ You” and an impromptu cover of Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London,” one of the weirdest easy songs ever written.  If I can find video of those tunes, I’ll share them soon!

Happy Halloween!


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11 thoughts on “Open Mic Adventures XI: Spooktacular Supergroup Covers “Monster Mash”

  1. What fun!

    Perhaps you didn’t notice, lol, but the guitarist that is standing framed by your front door – if you watch, ‘heads’ appear and disappear that you can just make out around the guitarist’ hair on the left side, lol, while the song is being played. Maybe you were being haunted, lol!

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  2. Happy Halloween, mate. 🙂

    Are you a session musician? I remember you saying you can play guitar as well as piano but I didn’t know you could play the drums as well. What else can you play?

    On TCW, there are several guitarists on there but I’ve met a flautist, a pianist, a saxophonist and a few drummers. There’s a lot of talent on the site, hiding behind those comments. I can’t put myself in the category of guitarists, since I can hardly play the ones I have. Practice and time.

    Glad you had fun mate.

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    • Happy Halloween!

      Nope, not a session musician, although I think that would be a cool gig. I play saxophone, piano, bass, and guitar, although I would not consider myself a “guitarist” either. I learned to play by teaching guitar lessons—ha! I would tell parents who asked me to teach their kids guitar that I did not really play, but that I could teach the basics (which was true). Then I just got better because I kept playing it with students!

      The drums I similarly picked up out of necessity, though I don’t attempt to teach drum lessons, other than a few short sessions here and there (again, I can teach the basics, but if I took on a student long-term for drums, I’d probably eventually refer that student to a young man I know who is a phenomenal drummer). But, again, I would not consider myself a “drummer.”

      It was a blast. Hopefully you and Tina can attend one some day.

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      • It’d be a hoot to attend but we’d need your government to reverse their decision to allow unvaccinated people into the country. Then we’d need the wonga! 🙂

        Weird isn’t it? There are a ton of Christmas songs but hardly any Halloween songs. I think that’s something in need of remedy. My go to song for this season is Henry Hall’s Hush (Hush Hush, Here Comes The Boogeyman). Brilliant song.

        Interesting way of learning how to play but as long as it worked, that’s all you needed really. I’m not around other guitarists day by day so when I play, it’s when I have the time or inclination, which isn’t as often as it should be. I know the basics (including the basic bar chords) and I can pick on some tunes so it’s a good place to start or restart, as the case may be.

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      • I keep forgetting about all of these vaccination rules for international travel. Sigh… one day, my friend.

        You mentioned the dearth of Halloween songs. That gave me an idea: I’ll post my original song, “Ghostly,” next Tuesday. Sure, it’ll be 1 November 2022, but, hey, close enough!

        Speaking of, Monday being Halloween and all, I might not do my movie review for next Monday, but rather wait until the following Monday. I’ll probably do my annual Halloween post next week. Just FYI re: submitting your #6 pick. You’ll have a bit more time.

        Yes! You’re in a good position to pick up and play when the notion strikes you. It’s hard to find time to practice. Had I not been teaching Music for the last eleven years, and teaching oodles of lessons for the last five years or so, I’d not be nearly as polished as I am—and I’m still a pretty sloppy player, so that’s not saying much!

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  3. Looking forward to it, mate.

    Enjoy your day and thank your other half for me, for posting the video. Does she have a name, by the way? 🙂

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