Open Mic Adventures X: “Time Warp”

Back in August I played a cover of “There’s a Light (Over at the Frankenstein Place)” at open mic night.  It’s a fun piece from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), and one I have always enjoyed singing.

Well, that performance inspired my buddy John Pickett to invite me to join him for the iconic song from the musical-turned-film:  the ubiquitous “Time Warp“:

Somehow, I’ve gone many Halloweens without learning this tune.  Thanks to John, we finally added this one to our repertoire.

How’d we do?  Maybe next time we’ll add in some choreography.

Happy Listening—and Happy Halloween!


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3 thoughts on “Open Mic Adventures X: “Time Warp”

  1. Absolutely loved this! Tina and I were jigging along. A wonderful performance. Thank John for us. 🙂

    Since I had a piece up on TCW today, I’ve tried to redirect posters here again but this time, to stay. I hope it gets some traction but I’m not very good at selling so I doubt it.

    I have to ask – what’s with the shirts?! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  2. Omgosh! The girl in the front row just adds dimension to the performance, lol – she’s obviously participated In Rocky Horror more than once, lol!

    Great fun.

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