Open Mic Adventures XXVI: “Sonatina”

Last night was my student’s big Spring Concert, which I am sure I will write about soon, but because of that concert—and the busy weekend preceding it—I’m actually writing this blog a full week early.  Ergo, I’ll likely have some footage from that concert for the next installment of Open Mic Adventures.

For this one, however, I’m sticking to my recent bout of pianistic noodling videos.  This week’s installment pulls from the Alfred’s Basic Piano Library Complete Level 1: For Late Beginners book.  It’s the book my one-eyed Aunt Cheryl used to teach me to play piano, and it’s the one I use with my own piano students.

The piece is near the end of the book, and is called “Sonatina.”  “Sonatina” literally means “a little sonata,” but there is no fixed definition for what constitutes a sonatina.  They are usually light in nature, even amusing, and often meant to reinforce some technique (like an etude, which literally means “study”).

This “Sonatina” also makes me think of French noblemen in pancake makeup tittering uncontrollably, as I demonstrate in this video:

Indulge in your inner French foppishness today.

Happy Listening!


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4 thoughts on “Open Mic Adventures XXVI: “Sonatina”

  1. Superb tittering! 🙂 🙂

    The first part of that tune reminded me of an upbeat version of the tune The Teacher plays in Little Nightmares 2. Check it out and you’ll see what I mean.

    By the way, I’ll send you my number one Thursday at the latest. Though the film is etched in my mind as clear as day, there are a few shots I need to remind myself of.

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