Myersvision: A Very Good Discussion

March Bigftoot Madness marches on with another post about our favorite, secretive lug.  Thanks to Audre Myers for sticking hot on the big guy’s trail.

Audre has studied hundreds—maybe thousands—of Bigfootage on YouTube, and seems to have a discerning eye for what could be real and what’s fake.  The realm of Bigfoot is a world awash in fakery and grifters, which does much to discredit the study of this potential creature.

Audre cuts through the noise well, and while I’m still not convinced—and it may very well take (God Forbid) a Bigfoot corpse to convince most folks—she continues to make a compelling case for his existence:

I came upon this video and didn’t really hold much hope about it – there’s so much garbage on YouTube in regard to bigfoot – but was surprised and impressed with the discussion. The video is 1 hour, 7 minutes long but seems to go by much faster because it’s intelligent, informative, and authentic.

Don’t get me wrong, the South has plenty of ‘good ol’ boys’ but these gentlemen don’t fit the description. Their remarks are thoughtful, considered, and insightful whether they are talking about the hunting of bigfoot or their own experiences with seeing a bigfoot. I haven’t been able to ascertain where or when this gathering or conference was but it obviously drew the more reliable, credible factions of the bigfoot research community.

I have watched so many videos that I feel justified in having an opinion about bigfoot. I suspect they bury their dead. I think the reason we don’t come across stacks of bones from consumed animals is the bigfoot either scatter them or bury them as well – a pile of bones would be a marker of where they were and what they did and I suspect they are far too intelligent for that, as a seasoned tracker would know what to look for and how to find it. They, themselves, are trackers and so it’s not a stretch to think they would instinctively know to leave no sign behind. As far as scat is concerned, even dogs and cats cover their leavings and it wouldn’t be difficult to cover up scat with the detritus from the forest floor. I tend to think they are more human than animal and that is how they are able to maintain cover, although it’s obvious to me they have learned from forest animals those things which are good for camouflage – we talk about a ‘deer in the headlights’, they stand stock still when frightened; if a bigfoot notices it’s been seen, they often do the same thing, standing still – absolutely still for sometimes long periods of time til the human moves off and away. Unless they are actively tracking something, they have all the time in the world to wait for us to get bored or scared and run off.

As far as hoaxes are concerned, I’ll state the same thing – I’ve seen so many videos (really studied them to the best of my ability considering not having been at the actual sighting) that you see a natural fluidity in their movements. We walk down the street without even thinking about it because that’s our natural habitat and we know how to operate in it. Bigfoots are the same in the forest – it’s their natural habitat and they know how to operate in it. When you see certain videos, there’s something false, something ‘quirky’, that will alert the discerning eye that they are watching something staged – you don’t get that sense of things when watching a true video sighting. They move a certain way, they have weight and size and the way they move is indicative of that physical information. A three or four hundred pound man does not move in the same manner as a three or four hundred pound bigfoot moves – for one, that kind of weight is unnatural; for the other, that’s just part of being what they are.

I hope solid proof of their existence happens in my lifetime. I’d hate for it to take a dead body to prove it but that may be the only way we will ever know for sure.

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