Open Mic Adventures XXVII: “Heavenly Sunlight”

After a long couple of weeks, I’m finally easing into Spring Break, a much-needed respite from mind-molding.  I thought that a little rendition of “Heavenly Sunlight” might be what the Great Physician ordered.

“Heavenly Sunlight” is a hymn I encountered only later in life.  The previous pastor of my current church recommended it one Sunday morning, and I instantly loved its jaunty 6/8 time signature and easy-to-play G major tonality.

It has many of the hallmarks of a good hymn, too, with that nice little A7 chord peaking in to point to D7, the fifth interval that takes the listener’s ear back to G.  Other hymns take the secondary dominants game further, but “Heavenly Sunlight” does it tastefully.

Henry J. Zelley wrote the hymn, which appears to be his most published according to  Zelley wrote “over 1500 poems, hymns, and gospel songs,” and did so with an evangelistic zeal that is inspiring.

Here’s hoping I did him justice!

Happy Listening!


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