Myersvision: A Possible Language

Audre Myers has done real yeowoman’s work in the realm of “sane, evidence-based Bigfoot belief.”  There are a lot of cranks out there, as Audre would be the first to admit, but she brings much-needed rationality to the study of Bigfoot, all while retaining her childlike sense of wonder.

Recordings of Bigfoot abound, but beyond mere yelps and screeches, the creatures apparently possess language.  This ability makes sense, as I intuit at some gut level that, if Bigfoot does exist, he is not merely a woodland ape, but something containing intelligence.  It might not be human intelligence, but it is intelligence nonetheless.

Audre breaks down their language—called “Samari”—in this cogent post.  Perhaps in addition to finding the Bigfoot, we might also find his Rosetta Stone, unlocking the language of another intelligent species.

With that, here is Audre on the language of the Bigfoot:

Port, our dear friend, likes to give me just enough rope to hang myself. But he’s a gentle skeptic and kindly pats me on the head.

This is, I suspect you might call it, an additional chapter in the bigfoot information I’ve been sharing with Port’s readership. We’ve seen the videos of the creature, we’ve seen videos of supposed bigfoot structures, we’ve seen the books written about bigfoot. The next step is how do they communicate? All mammals communicate, from whales to bigfoots. What we often hear in the bigfoot videos is their screeches, howls, ‘woop’s, grunts, and burps (!). But watch and listen to this video. It will be bewildering to you, possibly annoying, possibly the last straw – you’ll shut it off with an eye roll and promises to yourself you’re all done being patient with me. But don’t. There’s a method to my madness, so to speak, and I want you to hear the original.

I’ve introduced the YouTuber Thinker Thunker before and you know his talents. He analyzed all that ‘crazy chatter’ in the video above. This is the analysis:

It’s proposed that the creatures can speak while both inhaling and exhaling at the same time as speaking. Humans can do it, too, but it’s very labored and strained and difficult to do. The creatures’ speech is as fluid as when you and I have a normal conversation. That ‘samuri’ chatter (so called because it sounds like dialogue from old, very bad Japanese ninja/samurai movies) has a cadence (although not our cadence), a rise and fall in emphasis, and deliberate starts and stops, the same as our spoken exchanges. If you accept the possibility of such a creature, if you accept that such a creature could make structures (meaningless to us but not to them), then acknowledging the possibility of a spoken language is not so far fetched.

All this information we’ve discussed creates a three dimensional creature that has a similarity to us but that isn’t us. It is a species all it’s own. From American Indian cave paintings and tribal traditions passed down through generations to computer enhanced visibility and electronic analysis, bigfoot didn’t just show up in 1967 with the Patterson/Gimly video – it’s been with us a very, very long time.

One day we’ll know for sure.

P.S.—Just came across this video – these sounds are not merely (!) howls, you can actually hear the samuri ‘words’. Turn your sound way up or use earphones:


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