Guest Post: By Special Request

Our dear Audre Myers really is the gift that keeps on giving.  After her excellent (and very well-received) post about the Idaho Bigfoot, she sent me a clip of audio of the Bigfoot’s “call.”

My intense love of music, coupled with my growing interest in Bigfoot and cryptozoology, prompted me to ask Audre to consider writing a piece “about the haunting song of the Bigfoot.”

Audre made some noises about doing her best, and I sat back, knowing—like the bloated editor I am—that she would pull through with another excellent post.  I was right.

With that, here is Audre with “By Special Request”:

Our very kind and generous Port made a suggestion (ok – so it wasn’t a request; give me an inch and I’ll take a mile!) and so, here is another dimension of my very large and furry friend.

This video is not a recording of a bigfoot; it is an analysis of a ‘call’ in the woods that was recorded. The YouTube channel owner goes by the name Thinker Thunker and is the expert on all things bigfoot – when people catch a video of the creature, they clamor to have Thinker analyze it because he is the go-to guy. What you will hear on this video may shock you. It is a sound like no other you’ve ever heard. I want you to listen – really listen – to the call. I cannot even begin to imagine the lungs that can produce that sound; listen to the depth, listen to the length of the call. Thinker will never come right out and say there are creatures called sasquatch or bigfoot because we don’t have one, either dead or alive, whereby we can say “I told you so!” but he’s a genuine believer and goes to considerable time and effort to analyze both sound recordings and videos of the creature in the wild, as they say, that have been sent to him.

Our American Indians know. They knew 10,000 years ago and they know now. All throughout our Indian tribes there are stories, and glyphes in caves and on mountain sides. But not just here; there are yeti in the Himalayas that the indigenous people know. Not just here; there are indigenous people of Australia that know the yowie. Not just here; there are First Nations people in Canada that know the sasquatch. There are Russian folks who have known the menk. Here is a video that also has a call:

This last example requires a little background. I found the original videos four years ago when I retired; I now had time on my hands and was watching the news one day that showed an aerial view of Washington State and Oregon and it suddenly occurred to me that anything could live in that densely forested area and no one would know. That began my journey. When I found these original videos, Sasquatch Ontario had already been recording interactions with bigfoots for several years. But you know how the haters are; they made his life terrible. At one point, I thought he was shutting down his channel. I stumbled upon him again just recently; he has changed the format of his channel and now discusses the videos and will go to a small clip from the originals to make whatever point he’s discussing. His friend Dwayne has a place in the woods and he and Sasquatch Ontario went there many, many weekends and over time, he built up a relationship with what he calls a ‘nest’ or family of squatch. They would never show themselves to him – there are instances when they are behind the cabin and Ontario is in the front of the cabin and they have ‘conversations’ – mostly one-sided of course but after time, Neff (the leader of the group) could say words like ‘marble’ and ‘brother’. Again – I am gobsmacked by the depth of the lungs – these creatures have to be huge!

In defense of myself, let me mention that there are two kinds of bigfoot believers. The one kind thinks that the creature is inter-dimensional, that they can appear and disappear at will. These believers state that the creatures can plant ‘thought pictures’ in the heads of humans which helps the creature to make itself understood. This kind of believer ties UFOs with the creature to the effect of ‘when you see one, you’ll see the other’. I don’t ascribe to that at all; not in any way. I believe that if there are such creatures, they are as natural as cows or cats or Audres. God has created things beyond our imagination – look at any deep ocean videos for the bizarre things that live under incredible pressure and supply their own lighting! New species are being discovered – land and sea – all the time. The God that created the massive whale or the skinny me can certainly have created a bigfoot.


28 thoughts on “Guest Post: By Special Request

  1. I have a fun idea, if both of you are interested.

    On the run up to Christmas (ie, 21st, 22nd and 23rd), do you want to run some Christmas film reviews? One from you, one from Audre and the other from me?

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  2. As long as it’s not one we’ve already reviewed, I’m game. Just don’t send me back to Love Actually. Been there, done that and I don’t think you guys hate me! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah … no interest in that one, lol! But I think our Port needs to give us an idea of how many posts he needs (or wants) for the blog and I think we need to add some titles – movies we can watch (if we haven’t seen them) free on YT and then review. But I’m excited about it and love your idea!

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      • Ditto yours. 3 different perspectives on the same film? That sounds ace!

        Tina and I have been watching some of the Hallmark type jobbies. We watched some truly horrific films over the last few days but they have been outweighed by the good ones.

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      • Yes, I don’t want the entire week leading up to Christmas to be just a collection of movie reviews, haha. But I think three reviews (one from each of us) of the same film is the way to go.

        _It’s a Wonderful Life_ is a personal favorite of mine, so I am always down for that. I think the original _Miracle on 34th Street_ would be a great pick, too. What say ye, Audre and Ponty?

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  3. It’s a Wonderful Life would be a good one, mainly because I can put in the clip of the French version, which I think is hilariously dubbed! 🙂

    If Audre is good with that, we’re on buddy! 🙂

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