Myersvision: Structures

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She’s shown us the books and the videos, and I’ve shown you the Nanoblock build.  Now it’s time to consider what Bigfoot builds.

Prior to Audre Myers submitting this post, I had no idea that Bigfoots allegedly build unique “structures.”  I have no idea what the significance of these structure are, and I’m skeptical—they seem like they could easily be the result of thunderbolts or other creatures smashing through the forests—but I’m open to the idea that they are the result of a hairy intelligence with massive feet.

Audre presents the evidence.  Take a look, and leave a comment.  Are these the structures of an intelligent creature?  Are they elaborate hoaxes?  Or the result of natural phenomena?  Maybe it’s something other than Bigfoot altogether—gulp!

With that, here is Audre’s examination of Bigfoot “structures”:

Now that you’ve seen the videos and photos, it’s time to branch out (you’ll understand the pun in a minute). If you are considering this creature, you might try to imagine what it lives like. We’ve seen the video of the bigfoot carrying the dead deer in one arm so we know it’s carnivorous, but I suspect it’s omnivorous because of nuded berry trees and bushes; granted, bears and deer like berries, too, but still it’s a possibility. Footprints are often found in the soggy land leading into water, so it drinks water, but I also suspect it eats fish.

But where does it (they) live?

In all the videos I’ve watched, the first thing I noticed is what the bigfoot researchers call ‘structures.’ Because it takes watching a few structure videos for your eye to be able to pick out (not so) subtleties, I will tell you to watch for figures of broken branches resembling, a lot of times, the letter A. Other times there will be structures that resemble the letter X. Of course, no one knows why or what they mean but they are very close to being intrinsic to bigfoot, from one side of the country to the other. Sometimes there are ‘upright’ structures, sometimes there are leaning structures.

Take a look at this video. I’ll answer your challenges when you’re finished.

Every forest has deadfall, that’s absolutely correct. Some trees, affected by wind and weather fall like ‘pick up sticks’ (if you’re old enough to remember that game) or match sticks. But how do you account for the trees that are bent and twisted half way up the height of the tree? And that weather thing? Ok – but why are the trees around the bent one UNbent? They’re close together, why is one effected and the other not?

There is some history of bigfoot and trees. Watch this video to the end, the end has some really pronounced structures:

There’s a ton of videos showing structures – go to YT and do a search. Be sure to put ‘bigfoot’ somewhere in the search field. Sometimes – they pull a tree out of the ground and impale the ground with it so that the root part is up and the top is solidly in the ground. Do you suppose it’s a bigfoot meme of some kind?

This is a fascinating thing to research. You learn a lot about the outdoors and you watch a lot of trail cam videos and that’s relaxing and you learn that you don’t know everything you think you know. Heaven knows it’s a nice break from politics!


3 thoughts on “Myersvision: Structures

    • Whoa! That structure does not look naturally occurring. That looks like someone made it.

      My question, though, is how do we know a human didn’t make that structure? I’m not discounting that Bigfoot could building something like that, but how do we know a Bigfoot-made structure from a man-made one? It seems like it would be easy to hoax Bigfoot structures.

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      • Excellent question. I look at the complicated structures, like the one in today’s video, and ask myself about hand strength. Would the average man have that kind of hand strength? Very possibly – but why would anyone bother to make a meaningless cluster of tree limbs and vines and the like? On the off chance someone will come along and think – ‘Oh! Bigfoot!’? It just doesn’t make sense to me but I can’t refute you. Sometime when you have time, look at structure videos and see the number of healthy trees bent and anchored to stay that way – it’s not an easy thing, bending a tree; there are many types of saplings you might have difficulty bending let alone mature ones. But – again – it’s something people have to decide for themselves.

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