Phone it in Friday XXXIII: Bigfoot Build!

Today’s post is a bit of a special surprise for Audre Myers, regular reader and contributor, and resident Bigfoot expert here at The Portly Politico.  While visiting Myrtle Beach this past weekend, my brother and I stopped into The Gay Dolphin (not a gay nightclub, but a schlocky tchotchkes-and-bric-a-brac merchant) to poke around at the various beach-themed gifts.

Amid the poking, I found this guy, and knew it was destiny:

Bigfoot - Box - Close Up

Nanoblocks are far more challenging than the LEGO sets I usually build.  Not only are their pieces very tiny; the very instructions are quite obtuse for first-timers.  After building the massive Balody Bull Terrier, though, I have started to figure out the logic of these sets.

LEGO sets have a certain pleasing logic to them, as I have found, one that makes it easy to recognize if you’ve made a mistake.  For example, LEGO will rarely feature a flimsy portion to a build.  There may be some decorative elements (like the tree from the Blacksmith’s Shop) that are delicate or finicky, but LEGO reinforces everything.  It’s very rare that there is a hollow section to a set, and LEGO likes to build sturdily.

Not so with Nanoblocks.  Nanoblocks frequently (and frustratingly) feature build segments that are very precarious, and parts that can come apart easily during the build process.  There is a sort of difficulty curve that one must overcome before the build gets easier.  The initial steps are often the hardest, as they require unconnected base pieces with more layers ladled on top.  Eventually everything connects together, but sometimes it can be quite tedious.

But therein lies the charm:  unlike LEGO sets, Nanoblocks are challenging.  I still get the dopamine groove of focusing on a build like I do with LEGOs, but I’m also forced to think spatially.  I was watching some movies while building Bigfoot here, and several times I had to pause it so I could focus on some difficult step.  I was able to unwind with this set, but also had to stay focused and alert.

But enough of that!  On to the pictures.  I love how his face looks like Dr. Zaius from The Planet of the Apes (1968; surely Ponty‘s #1 film, no?):

Here’s to another build!  Cheers, Bigfoot!



3 thoughts on “Phone it in Friday XXXIII: Bigfoot Build!

  1. What a happy surprise! And you can tell people you had a real encounter – you were just walking along, enjoying the environment and suddenly – THERE HE WAS!!!. Your picture of him is about on par with ‘other’ pictures of him. YOU are a hero because you didn’t run away; you stayed and faced him. You’re MY hero!


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