Myersvision: My Very Large Friend

Some of my favorite guest posts on this blog are those from our dear Audre Myers, who always brings a certain wide-eyed innocence coupled with the wisdom of experience.  It’s a curious combination, and one that I respect when it exists, as it is rare.  I admire Audre’s ability to remain excited about learning and the world around her, while still staying rooted in Reality.

But my favorite posts from Audre are the ones she writes about Bigfoot.  I am agnostic on the existence of our hairy friend, but as I tell Audre, “I want to believe.”  

One of my major critiques is that, with all the alleged Bigfoot footage (Bigfootage?) out there, we still haven’t gotten a good look at the big lug.  In our age of hyper-documentation of every bit of life’s minutiae, how have we not caught this beast on camera in glorious hi-def video?  Surely some eccentric, Elon Muskian billionaire could pepper the forests of the world with high-end recording equipment or even non-lethal traps and bag a Bigfoot.

But so far, we just have grainy photos.  Even the Bigfoot YouTubers don’t do themselves any favors, padding out their videos with lots of long, boring shots of their own backyards, pointing to broken twigs as some meaningful sign of a disturbance.  No way it could be a wild cat, or a bear, or a stray dog; nope, it’s gotta be Bigfoot.

Yet we’re constantly dredging up horrid monstrosities from the depths of the ocean, the kinds of creatures that we thought only existed in science-fiction stories or in prehistoric times.  The woods are quite as impenetrable as the blackest depths of the murky deep, but there are plenty of forests and hills and dales in the world that are impenetrable to humans.  Perhaps Bigfoot has retreated to his natural, dwindling habitat in these still-inaccessible regions of the globe.

Audre mentioned some Bigfoot books, and I hope she will share some reviews of them in future posts (more homework for her, mwahahahaha!).

With that, here is Audre telling us all about her very large friend:

I have to say, first off, that although he is a skeptic, our Port has an open—and inquiring—mind. I recently sent him a video, my purpose of which was for him to see the old photographs (1894) of killed bigfoots. To his credit, Port watched the entire video and asked if I would do another article. I will include the video I sent to Port, as well as some others I haven’t shared on The Portly Politico before. Also, let me take a minute to mention pareidolia. Here’s the definition according to Merriam-Webster online dictionary: The meaning of PAREIDOLIA is the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern. My eye does this on a regular basis in public restrooms, of all places; it the walls around the commode have dots (very subtle, meant to create a ‘color’, if you know what I mean) as I sit there, I will often find faces in the dot patterns. But that is not what happens in these videos I’m bringing to you here.

This is the video I sent to Port. I do have to ask you to be patient—it takes awhile for the video to get to those old pictures that fascinated me. The rest of the video is clips from other videos showing bigfoot being bigfoot.

I have searched the Internet – there’s an amazing number of countries that have bigfoot, though of course they are referred to by different names based on that country’s language. Some branches of the bigfoot family are larger, some smaller, universally, a bigfoot can have red, brown, dark brown hair—there is even a video of what might be called an albino bigfoot, not certain about eye color because there’s a precious few pictures or videos where we can clearly see the eyes.

This is from Russia; it is not the original video the boy took but it’s his video being analyzed.

It is not discussed in this video but I saw the original. I have a friend (TCW readers will recognize the commenter name Siberian Rhod) who lives in Siberia and is married to a Russian woman. In the original video, the father and son are in their local woods when they hear something. The son becomes a little nervous as the sound gets closer. Then they see the creature and the father uses his cellphone camera and records what they are seeing. There’s a lot of excited conversation going on between the father and son. I sent the link to Rhod and asked if he could translate the video. He very kindly replied; the Russian the boy and father are speaking a kind of ‘old fashioned’ Russian used in some rural communities in Siberia but his wife is from such a place and she did the translation. The boy is clearly scared and tells his father that he wants to leave but the father is all excited saying ‘this is going on YouTube!! YouTube!”. What I’d like for you to pay attention to is the arm span of the creature. Remarkable.

I’m not certain how many videos WordPress will support in one post so I’ll stop at these.

I’m happy to answer whatever questions I have answers to, but also promise to research questions I may not be able to answer on my own. This is neither here nor there but I’ve been studying all the videos I’ve been able to find—I have been doing this for four years now. I also read books about my very large friend; I try to keep apprised of what’s going on in the ‘bigfoot research’ organizations.

One last thing: there is a ‘school of thought’ that promotes the idea that bigfoot may be interdimensional, meaning it can be in our dimension and then slip into another dimension. They seem to suggest that’s how bigfoot ‘suddenly appears and disappears’. I don’t subscribe to that at all. I consider bigfoot to be another natural creature of God’s Creation and just as ‘normal’ as you or I. There is another school of thought that believes bigfoot is tied to ‘extraterrestrials’. I don’t hold with that either. But I thought you should know.


4 thoughts on “Myersvision: My Very Large Friend

  1. “… how have we not caught this beast on camera in glorious hi-def video? Surely some eccentric, Elon Muskian billionaire could pepper the forests of the world with high-end recording equipment or even non-lethal traps and bag a Bigfoot.”
    In Thinker Thunker’s book, How to Find and Film a Bigfoot: an exercise in critical thinking, he makes this sensible comparison: how many celebrities live in America? Thousands, depending on the criteria one uses to define celebrity. How many times have you, or anyone you know, seen a celebrity on the street, just being a citizen? I suspect the most common answer is never. Thinker poses that the population of the bigfoot, while unknown, is far less than that of celebrities and it may have a ‘territory’ of roughly 760 sq miles – what then would be the chance of any person actually coming into contact with a bigfoot? Which is why we study whatever chance film or photo becomes available – the chances of that happening and the person having the mental wherewithall to grab his camera is astronomical. Fear would be my first reaction and running away would be instantly behind that!

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  2. Cheers Audre and thanks for the reminder; I haven’t spoken to Rhod for the best part of 6 months, probably longer so I’ll pop him an email. 🙂

    Incidentally, I see Bigfoot every other day. In fact, when I walk past the mirror in our bedroom, I (not on purpose, mind) strike the exact same pose we’ve seen in all those Bigfoot videos and pictures. Given time and a little discipline, Bigfoot may just disappear one day from that reflection but at present, yes, I see him every day. 🙂

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