SubscribeStar Saturday: Summer Camps 2022 Reviews

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I spent the first three weeks of summer break running camps:  two sessions of the popular Minecraft Camp, and one session of the far-less-popular Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp.  These camps make up a substantial portion of my summertime earnings, and so are an important revenue stream for yours portly during the otherwise lean summer months.

In this post, I’ll discuss each camp briefly, then break down the financials, and how I netted (after expenses, but before taxes) $1965.64 across roughly forty-eight working hours.

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2 thoughts on “SubscribeStar Saturday: Summer Camps 2022 Reviews

    • At Minecraft Camp we play Minecraft–ha!–and put together little hidden treasures and activities and such for the kids to find in-game.

      Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp is basically a version of my High School Music Ensemble class. We learn a bunch of tunes and try different instruments, then give a little concert for parents the last day of camp.

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