July Self-Promotion Bonanza

It’s definitely not Bandcamp Friday, but it is the first Friday of the month during the slowest blogging time of the year and the start of a major holiday weekend, so why not hard sell my various products and services?

It’s a TPP total liquidation sale!  Everything in stock must go!

Here are the goods:

  • The One-Minute Mysteries of Inspector Gerard: The Ultimate Flatfoot Kindle edition is available for just $0.99 through Independence Day!  That’s 81% off the usual list price of five bucks.
  • MAGAWeek2022 starts on Monday, the Fourth of July!  It’s a week of posts celebrating the people, places, things, events, and ideas that made America great!  For just $1 a month, you get access to every post over at my SubscribeStar Page—plus posts every Saturday year-round!
  • For a limited time, all of my releases on Bandcamp are $1 each—including Contest Winner EP!  The full discography is available for $6.50—35% off.  That’s on top of the $1 per release sale.  The full discography usually retails for around $26.48, so that’s a total savings of around 74.5%!
  • I’ve got a bunch of paintings waiting for good homes with good walls.  They’re all $10!

That’s it for now!  I’ve got some projects in the works, so stay tuned for some more updates.

Remember, buying stuff—especially from your friendly neighborhood blogger—is the American thing to do.

Happy Independence Day!



3 thoughts on “July Self-Promotion Bonanza

  1. I take it, with Indy Day on Monday, celebrations kick up over the weekend? What have you got planned? Porch gig? Town festival?

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    • Yep, lots of celebrations this weekend. Today I am heading down to see my girl in Myrtle Beach; we’re planning a long afternoon of _Stranger Things_, pizza, and decadent convenience store snacks, followed by a concert from a Columbia, SC-based band, Prettier Than Matt.

      Sunday I’m attending a piano student’s birthday party, and the local Baptist church here in Lamar is doing a big fireworks display that evening.

      Monday, my girl and I are heading to Aiken for lunch with my folks and my younger brother and his wife and kids (my older brother and his wife are likely staying in Indiana). It should be a fun weekend!

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      • Lunch with your folks, eh? Sounds serious. I’m chuffed for you, mate. 🙂

        It sounds like you’ve got a pretty hectic, though fun, weekend ahead of you. I hope you all have a wonderful time.

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