Lazy Sunday CXXXII: Milestones

Yesterday the blog hit 1000 days of consecutive posts, so I figured I’d keep the celebration going by looking back at past milestones here at The Portly Politico:

  • 101 Postmatians – 101st Consecutive Daily Post!” (and “TBT: 101 Postmatians – 101st Consecutive Daily Post!” – Ah, how quaint—900 days ago, I was celebrating reaching 101 posts (I apparently forgot to observe the occasion on Day 100).  In looking back at this post, it seems I’d already written some of my best posts, like “Nehemiah and National Renewal” & “Nehemiah Follow-Up”; of course, more goodness was to come.  The TBT version of the post appeared on the 200th day of posts.
  • 500” – I can tell from this 500th post that I was stretching a bit.  I did lay out my controversial theory about the “personality” of numbers (I claimed that the number “500” has “charisma, gravitas”).  The 500th day also came two months into The Age of The Virus, not exactly a glory age for liberty.
  • SubscribeStar Saturday: 1000 Days” – Yesterday’s post—the big one thousand.  It’s behind a paywall, but the full post details my plans for the blog going forward, as well as offering some reflections about the last 1000 days.  The post actually landed me a new subscriber, too, at the generous $5 a month tier.  Anyone else interested in rewarding my hard work and initiative—hmmmm?

Well, that’s it for this 132nd edition of Lazy Sunday.  It looks like we’re heading towards 150 of these, so I’ll probably have to do some other ridiculous retrospective instead of creating new content.  Wooooot!

Happy Sunday!


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SubscribeStar Saturday: 1000 Days

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Well, here it is—the 1000th consecutive day of posting to WordPress (I hit 1000 posts about 114 pieces ago; now I’ve reached 1000 days of consecutive posting).  It’s crazy to think, but this latest incarnation of The Portly Politico has been going for roughly two-and-three-fourths years, a fresh post every single day.  I’ve written so much at this point, I’ve forgotten a lot of it.

Granted, some of those have been filler posts, saying, “Oops, I will have to post a real post later,” but I tried to avoid those as much as possible, and I have generally made them up (especially to you paying customers).  I’ve also come up with some series, like Monday Morning Movie Review and Supporting Friends Friday, to help with ease the load a bit (not to mention Lazy Sunday and TBT, both of which let me off the hook with some reblogging of old material).

It being the 1000th day, I’ve decided to look back at this latest incarnation of The Portly Politico—where it was, where it is, and where it’s going.

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