Phone it in Friday XXIX: Epiphany, Patriots, and a Birthday

It’s the end of the first workweek of the year, which really ended up being something like three-and-a-half days for yours portly.  While I enjoyed Christmas Break—and even my sick day—I’ll begrudgingly admit that it’s good to get back into a routine.

But today is significant for other reasons.  Most importantly, it’s Epiphany, the traditional last day of the Christmas season, commemorating the Wise Men’s visit to the Christ Child.  The “epiphany” celebrated is Christ Revealed to the Gentiles for the first time.

Besides celebrating The Birthday—the most important birthday!—of Christ, we here at TPP are also celebrating Audre Myers‘s birthday!  Audre is a regular reader, commenter, and contributor here, and her writing is feature on a number of other sites.  She’s also a Bigfoot enthusiast, and TPP‘s source for all the latest updates on the big fellow.  Audre is a rare, beautiful gem of a person, and her spirit and energy liven up the blog considerably.

For more glowing, mushy sentimentality about our dear Audre, read last year’s birthday tribute.  It’s my meager attempt to honor her contributions.

Today also commemorates the events of 6 January 2021, a day I explored in more detail in a SubscribeStar Saturday post last year.  It’s curious to me that these have not become known as “The Epiphany Demonstrations” or “The Epiphany Uprising,” but I imagine the folks that dominate the media aren’t too keen to associate with Christ in even the most cursory of ways.

Regardless of the legality of the day’s events, it is decidedly illegal and unconstitutional the way many of the protesters have been treated.  Many have languished in jail—not even prison!—for the better part of a year without any recourse to legal counsel.  Whatever happened to a speedy trial?  Even members of Congress have struggled to gain access to these prisoners, many of whom are being held for purely political reasons.

Didn’t we fight for independence for these very same reasons?

It’s difficult to ponder.  Time to take to take down the Christmas Tree and wish Audre a very Happy Birthday.




20 thoughts on “Phone it in Friday XXIX: Epiphany, Patriots, and a Birthday

  1. Though I can cook, I am majorly out of practice. Tina does all of it but I do assist her from time to time. I think the last thing I actually cooked for her (apart from something on toast or sandwiches) was a chicken and herb dish which she actually liked. But for the most part, I know the golden rule which is a variation of ‘stay out of the kitchen/out of my way’ and they’re the ones I can write! 🙂

    I’ll raise a glass to Lon later for his culinary courage! 🙂

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