SubscribeStar Saturday: The Spirit of 1776

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Disclaimer:  I do not endorse violence as a means to achieving political ends in normal circumstances.  That said, I reject the claim that “violence never solves anything.”  The vast annals of human history suggest the opposite is largely the case—violence has been the resort—sometimes final, sometimes not—to resolve any number of problems.  Our entire political system rests on the implicit use of violent force towards upholding the common good—and protecting those unable to protect themselves.  Jesus Christ died—quite violently!—for our sins, offering us ultimate salvation forever.

Further, our entire nation is founded on a last-resort to violence to secure American liberty:  the American Revolution.  Brave men pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honors to secure liberty and to defend their rights.  Over 4000 did make the ultimate sacrifice—and many, many more since then—to win and secure our freedom.  Sometimes some turbulence is necessary—as the Left has told us all of last year as BLM destroyed cities—to secure liberty.

That’s an uncomfortable concept—I don’t necessarily like it, and I am sad to see it has come to that—but it’s the foundation of our Republic.  I sincerely pray for reconciliation and healing, as did John Dickinson prior to the American Revolution, but I am not optimistic given Democratic control of the organs of power.  The storming of the Capitol will be used as a pretext—it already is—to oppress and imprison conservatives.  At such a point, the remaining options begin to vanish.

I am not calling for or advocating violence in any form—but I’m afraid it’s coming nevertheless.  Please pray with me for reconciliation—true reconciliation, not the dictator’s peace of bending the knee to Leftist insanity—and prepare for troubled times ahead.

On 6 January 2021, law-abiding citizens gathered for a rally to protest the blatant election fraud that took place during the 2020 presidential election and—mostly likely—the 2021 Georgia US Senate run-offs.  A segment of those protestors marched to the US Capitol Building, gained entry, and took some humorous selfies:  at Speaker Pelosi’s desk, in the Speaker’s chair in the House chambers, etc.  One particularly toothy protestor carried the Speaker’s podium into the lobbyAnother took some of Pelosi’s mail and left a quarter in its place.

Unlike the massive BLM riots that have consumed cities in fire for months, the storming of the Capitol has met with swift condemnation from Democrats and Republicans.  Pointing out the hypocrisy is fruitless—it’s not going to make our elites suddenly change their minds and clamp down on BLM and Antifa, too—but it certainly angers Americans who have exhausted every legal recourse to correct the failures of our electoral system.

That said, the swiftness and decisiveness with which the authorities have hunted down protestors—the quarter-on-Pelosi’s-desk man has already been arrested, and even Olive Garden has revoked Pasta Passes from protestors and, weirdly enough, Sean Hannity—is suggestive of a number of things.  Most obviously, the obvious hypocrisy of our ruling class results in real-world consequences for conservative protestors, but not Left-wing radicals; the former are swiftly punished for one cathartic act of mild destruction (albeit to the very organs of our national governing system), while the latter are given carte blanche to destroy because—as the Internet youths put it—“reasons.”

The more interesting suggestion, however, is that this storming of the Capitol terrified our elites.  And, yes, it was a terrifying event—lawmakers found themselves besieged in their deliberative chambers.  Of course, those of us on the Right knew, as events were going down, that no Congressman or Senator was going to be harmed—we don’t do that—but to these legislators, we’re supposedly Mussolinian Brown Shirts who revel in political violence.

The Left’s propensity for psychological projection is going to bring about massive oppression for the Right—one reason so many cuckservatives are rushing to denounce the “violence” of the day (other than the unfortunate death of a Capitol Police officer, the only lethal violence was done to a protestor, Ashli Babbitt, who may very become the Crispus Attucks of a larger fight for liberty, who a Capitol Police officer shot needlessly at point-blank range).  President Trump’s Twitter account has already been suspended, which means Big Tech flagrantly flaunts its total dominance over “free” speech (it’s been doing such flaunting for years, but silencing a sitting President is the ultimate statement of their control over our public square).

Regardless, that fear is something our elites haven’t been made to feel in a very long time.

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