Son of Sonnet: Mochi on the Moon

Son of Sonnet’s pen is scribbling once again, and he’s back with some new poems!

It appears The Gemini Sonnets are complete; I recommend you read them if you haven’t already:  #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, and #6.

These new poems are more lighthearted in nature.  Indeed, Son told me that with today’s poem, “Mochi on the Moon,” and the next poem (which will pop in two weeks), “There’s no special meaning.  Just wanted to write something more cheerful with a musical flow.”

He added, “I don’t want someone to go ‘mochi and sorbet are the [B]ody and [B]lood of Christ, and the moon is [M]other Mary!'”

So, you read it from the poet himself:  don’t go reading a bunch of deep, theologically significant stuff into this week’s poem.  I mean, one of the lines is literally, “Pi pi pi pi, pa pa pa pa.”

Your generous subscriptions to my SubscribeStar page have made it possible to patronize Son’s work.  As a community of artists, readers, and pundits, we should work together as much as possible to cultivate and support one another’s talents.  I can’t pay Son much—yet—but I’m able to offer him something for his talents because of your generosity.

Every artist as dedicated to his craft as Son deserves both recognition and support.  I would encourage you to consider a subscription to Son of Sonnet’s SubscribeStar page as a way to encourage the growth and development of an eloquent voice on our side of this long culture war.  Conservatives often complain about not holding any ground culturally; now is the time to support the culture that is being created.

You can read Son of Sonnet’s poetry on his Telegram channel, on Gab, and on Minds.

Mochi on the Moon
by Son of Sonnet

We’re making mochi on the moon.
The celebration’s coming soon.
Pi pi pi pi, pa pa pa pa,
Our funny bunny’s quite the loon.

We’ll have a party with our kin,
A fun time works like medicine.
Pi pi pi pi, pa pa pa pa,
We want to see your silly grin.

We’re gonna have a lovely day,
Combining mochi and sorbet.
Pi pi pi pi, pa pa pa pa,
Can’t wait to hear what you will say.

A bit of sugar on a spoon,
inspires us to sing a tune.
Pi pi pi pi, pa pa pa pa,
Our celebration’s on the moon.


3 thoughts on “Son of Sonnet: Mochi on the Moon

    • Haha, Son doesn’t seem the type to find inspiration from inebriation (or other altered states). He has been working on several big projects, and I think he wanted to write something a bit more frivolous and fun.


    • No. I was inspired by a lullaby.
      Some acquaintances of mine were preparing materials for a birthday party for a girl, and the rabbit is her favorite animal. The rabbit shares symbolism with the Moon, and in Japan it is commonly (and jokingly) understood that the dark pattern on the Moon looks like a rabbit making mochi. The third line of each stanza is supposed to emphasize that the work is meant to be sung. I’m sorry if it doesn’t convey that effectively.

      Drugs, including caffeine and alcohol, are deleterious to creativity. People take them because they don’t know otherwise how to be themselves. They place unnatural stress upon the mind. Art created in an altered state is no longer an expression of one’s ideal self, and it’s value is lessened.

      My personal feelings aside, I suppose that you commented as such because the work itself was not sufficiently engaging, and that it kicked you out of its flow. For that, I apologize. I will keep trying to write better.

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