Son of Sonnet: “The Gemini Sonnets #2”

Today marks the second installment of a new, twice-monthly feature on the blog, an original sonnet by Son of Sonnet.  SoS has agreed to contribute two sonnets each month to the blog, which will be posted the first and third Wednesdays of each month.

Your generous subscriptions to my SubscribeStar page have made it possible to patronize Son’s work.  As a community of artists, readers, and pundits, we should work together as much as possible to cultivate and support one another’s talents.  I can’t pay Son much—yet—but I’m able to offer him something for his talents because of your generosity.

Every artist as dedicated to his craft as Son deserves both recognition and support.  I would encourage you to consider a subscription to Son of Sonnet’s SubscribeStar page as a way to encourage the growth and development of an eloquent voice on our side of this long culture war.  Conservatives often complain about not holding any ground culturally; now is the time to support the culture that is being created.

You can read Son of Sonnet’s poetry on his Telegram channel, on Gab, and on Minds.

The Gemini Sonnets #2
By Son of Sonnet

How can you see a grin upon my form?
A silhouette without a face distinct?
All shadows take the shapes that lights inform.
The fates of partners are forever linked.
If light is knowledge, I was born in doubt;
forever I exist beyond your reach.
How grand! These spirits that you seek to rout
are everywhere; they even live in speech.
Will you turn mute to spite what you invent?
Interpret how you like; your mode is flawed.
You hunt for creatures that possess no scent,
and railing ‘gainst the air proves you a fraud.
What pieces make the light that you have shown?
What do you want to find in the unknown?


6 thoughts on “Son of Sonnet: “The Gemini Sonnets #2”

  1. Thanks Port and Son of Sonnet. Distinct and linked – I’d call that a half rhyme even though Tina says they don’t exist. ;\ Well, I’m right and she is wrong. Nothing changes there! 🙂

    Nice to see the circumstantial emotions of the times finding its way into poetry but I do wonder, SoS, whether you also write political articles (or in my own case, rants)?

    Liked by 1 person

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