Son of Sonnet: “The Gemini Sonnets #6”

Today marks the sixth entry in The Gemini Sonnets, an original sonnet cycle by Son of Sonnet.  I’m not sure how many more are in this sequence, but I’m think SoS should publish a chapbook!

Your generous subscriptions to my SubscribeStar page have made it possible to patronize Son’s work.  As a community of artists, readers, and pundits, we should work together as much as possible to cultivate and support one another’s talents.  I can’t pay Son much—yet—but I’m able to offer him something for his talents because of your generosity.

Every artist as dedicated to his craft as Son deserves both recognition and support.  I would encourage you to consider a subscription to Son of Sonnet’s SubscribeStar page as a way to encourage the growth and development of an eloquent voice on our side of this long culture war.  Conservatives often complain about not holding any ground culturally; now is the time to support the culture that is being created.

You can read Son of Sonnet’s poetry on his Telegram channel, on Gab, and on Minds.

Gemini Sonnet #6
by Son of Sonnet

In truth, I am the shadow of your face.
The root of years, the wisdom of your time.
The universe’s womb. The void of space,
In which one God created all sublime.
In shadow, light was born, and in the light,
the shadow dwells. In shapes, and in your soul.
Now rest this weary body in the night,
and let the day return the self to whole.
Upon a time, there lived a man of flesh.
He wandered through the years to find the good,
until he found the savior in the creche.
Then he, afraid that he misunderstood,
ran all the way through time until today.
But always faith would keep him in the stay.


2 thoughts on “Son of Sonnet: “The Gemini Sonnets #6”

    • Son is good. He’s working on a longer form poem at the moment (not for this site, sadly) that I have been meaning to read for him for a couple of weeks. D’oh! Duty never sleeps for me, though, and I haven’t been able to get around to it.


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