SubscribeStar Saturday: Graduation Day Wisdom

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Today marks graduation for the private school where I teach.  For the first time in my teaching career, attendance at graduation is option for faculty and graduates, except for “essential personnel.”  I’m The Sound Guy, so I’m essential.  On the plus side, I’ve rigged up my Yamaha mixer in the teacher’s lounge, so I’ll be chilling—literally—in air-conditioned comfort while my colleagues are sweating it on the front lawn.

We’re conducting one of the first major graduation ceremonies in The Age of The Virus in our region, so the school is going to great lengths to make the graduation as safe and socially distant as possible.  They’re spreading everyone out over a yuge front law and capping attendees to four per graduate.  Everyone’s wearing face masks (facial freedom is another benefit of being alone and inside behind my Wizard of Oz curtain).  Our Buildings & Grounds crew has been working hard all week to make everything look immaculate, and I pre-rigged cables earlier in the week.

With today being Graduation Day, I thought I’d do as so many other unqualified individuals have done and offer up my nuggets of wisdom to the Class of 2020:

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