Cyber Monday Musings

Today’s post is a glorified sales pitch.  ‘Tis the season, after all.  If you want to get to the punchline, head over to my SubscribeStar page and subscribe for $1/month to unlock all of my SubscribeStar Saturday posts.  For $5/month, you get fresh doodles every Sunday, as well as other random bonuses.  The most recent $5 post included an MP3 of an original composition from Electrock Retrospective, Volume I: Dance Party.  More goodies to come!

Well, the glorious Thanksgiving Week is over.  The blog Didact’s Reach opened today’s post with the observation that this Monday is “doubly terrible”—after four or five days of heavy eating, sleeping, and shopping, nobody wants to be back at the grind.

This morning officially kicks off the busiest two weeks of the school year for yours portly:  a middle school drama production gets into tech rehearsals (and opens) this week, and our big, over-the-top Christmas concert is ten school days away—yikes!  That’s why I call Thanksgiving “the eye of the storm”—the brief calm before the craziness of December hits.  As the tech guy and music teacher at my little school, it’s an unusually busy season.  My online course hits their exam this week, too, so those grades are coming due.

But that’s all tedium that will get done one way or the other.  As for today, it’s Cyber Monday!

Because of the nature of my work, I don’t get to sit at a computer all day surfing for hot deals on the Web.  But if you’re reading this right now, you have an opportunity to pick up some hot merch, just in time for Christmas.

If you haven’t done so already, I’ve got some great tunes over at  Pretty much everything there is on sale, and it’s probably the best place to pick up a digital copy of my biggest release, Contest Winner EP.  It’s just $5, but you can name your own price above that if you want to throw a tip my way.

You can also check out my music and follow my tour dates at

Of course, I’m encouraging folks to subscribe to my SubscribeStar page.  That’s probably the most effective way to support the blog, and it gets you access to exclusive material.  As the blog evolves and I pick up more subscribers, I’ll be loading more and more exclusive goodies there.

I appreciate your support.  We’ll be back to regular programming tomorrow, but I will be panhandling shamelessly for the next few weeks as the Christmas season warms the cockles of your hearts—and, hopefully, the cockles of your wallets—towards greater generosity and consumerism.

Merry Christmas!


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