Phone it in Friday III: Video Killed the Blogging Star

I’m heading up to Wilmington, North Carolina tonight to play a gigI played the same joint exactly a year ago, while I was living in a sleazy motel after my old place was flooded.  If you’re in the area, come on by, or check out my tour dates.

Regardless, your daily chum will continue in the vein of last Friday’s post, but with even less loving care.  In essence, I’m going to let you watch two talented individuals say important, insightful things.

It’s the blogging equivalent of pulling out that old media cart at school.  Everyone gets excited when the usual windbag kicks back and that tiny CRT television gets rolled out, its blue screen promising an hour of a grainy VHS tape.

So, I’ve got two videos about the recent Democratic debates for you, one from the great Tucker Carlson, the other from YouTube personality RazörFist.  Both sum up the lunacy, the recklessness, and the disdain manifest in progressives.

Tucker’s analysis of Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan’s warning to his fellow Democrats that “We’ve got to talk about the working-class issues, the people that take a shower after work, who haven’t had a raise in 30 years” is spot on.  As Tucker points out, the progressives don’t care about those folks.  Just look at this headline from The Atlantic, which calls Ryan’s phrase “bonkers.”  I doubt Ben Zimmer, the author of that piece, has ever broken a sweat in his life (if this picture is any indication, he’s not exactly the model of masculine ruggidity).

But enough of my yackin’.  I’ve got some soft-rockin’ to do—and you have some YouTube to watch.

Tucker Carlson:

The Fist (warning: may contain foul language):

Happy Viewing!


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