Phone it in Friday II: Boris, Bond, and Borders

It’s been a brutal workweek for yours portly.  “Brutal” is perhaps a bit of an overstatement, but it’s been busy, with a lot of late nights and early mornings.  Fortunately, I’ve been a painting dynamo, and all those music lessons and extra work are reaping dividends.

My planned post summarizing and analyzing the introduction to Richard Weaver‘s seminal Ideas Have Consequences, then, is going to wait until Monday, when I have a bit more mental energy to spare.  My students in History of Conservative Thought are writing an essay about the introduction to that book for their final class session, which is Tuesday.  It’s a dense read for high school students, so that post will help break down some of the main ideas for them.

Instead, this evening’s posts will be a rare “Phone if in Friday” featuring some pieces that crossed my transom today.  Enjoy!

  • Boris Has Arrived” (video) – Boris Johnson is now the Prime Minister of Great Britain!  Huzzah!  I predicted back in 2016, post-Brexit, that he would become the new PM.  I was premature—sadly—in that prediction by three years.  After three years of Teresa Mays’s goodie-goodie hand-wringing, it looks like Brexit will finally occur by Halloween.  It’s about time!

    The video linked here is a great livestream from YouTube personality Sargon of Akkad.  Sargon plays Prime Minister Johnson’s inaugural speech (do they call it that in Britain?), and it is triumphantly Churchillian.  Boris looks forward to an England that is “leveling up” across the board—economically, socially, culturally, artistically, environmentally, etc.  It’s a rousing speech, and makes me hopeful that better days are ahead for our cousins across the pond.

  • Goodbye, Mr. Bond” – T.J. Martinell has written a superb obituary for Ian Fleming’s international man of mystery, James Bond, the classy, sophisticated, deadly spy.  His argument is that the recent news that the Bond character will now be played by a woman is not the death-knell for Bond; rather, Bond died with the Cold War, as he was a creation for a time that passed nearly thirty years ago.  It’s an excellent bit of analysis indicative of some of the contributions to Terror House Magazine, an online literary publication of short fiction.
  • Chicago Chamber of Commerce Hosts Event Where Kids Bash ICE Agent Pinata” – Ay caramba!  What a sad story, and evidence of how deleterious mass immigration, especially illegal immigration, is to our country, especially when coupled with progressive ideas that demonize legitimate authority (unless the progressives are in control).  The headline is not misleading—kids were breaking open a Batman pinata that a group called “Los Brown Berets”—the “Los” alone is vomit-inducing—dressed up like a white ICE agent.  They also were throwing bean bags through the mouth of a terrifyingly amateurish Trump painting.

    Keep it up, illegal Latinos, and it’ll be 50ccs of Deportemal by the time I’m POrTUS.

That’s it for today.  Have a wonderful weekend!


4 thoughts on “Phone it in Friday II: Boris, Bond, and Borders

  1. […] “Phone it in Friday II: Boris, Bond, and Borders” – It would be slightly over a year, on 26 July 2019, before I resorted to another PiiF.  That pithy PiiF celebrated Boris Johnson’s election as Prime Minister of Great Britain (which presaged the victory of true Brexit), the literary death of James Bond, and a Chicago Chamber of Commerce piñata bashing for illegal children.  ¡Ay caramba! […]


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