#MAGAWeek2019: President Trump’s Independence Day Speech

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I was not planning on writing about President Trump’s incredible Independence Day speech as part of #MAGAWeek2019, mainly because I try to keep these posts historical.  The speech was so powerful, though, and so educational in a historical sense, it and President Trump have earned a spot (alongside the president’s favorite food) as part of my annual celebration of American greatness.

If you haven’t seen the president’s speech, you can watch it in its entirety below:

There was a great deal of speculation going into the speech, with even conservatives suggesting it would be a kind of nationalized campaign rally, using the military and the Fourth of July as a backdrop to bolster President Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign.

Nothing could have been further from the truth.  President Trump did not mention himself or his own accomplishments a single time, and instead focused on the contributions of our armed forces in gaining and preserving our freedom.  In terms of patriotic appeals to our shared heritage and our common destiny, it was on par with President Abraham Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address.

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5 thoughts on “#MAGAWeek2019: President Trump’s Independence Day Speech

  1. […] “President Trump’s Independence Day Speech” – On a particularly star-spangled Fourth of July, President Trump delivered a powerhouse of an Independence Day speech.  Not only were the multiple flyovers of military aircraft impressive (ending, of course, with the Blue Angels soaring majestically over the National Mall), the speech itself was a masterclass in what I dub “old, patriotic American history.”  It’s well worth watching—and reading my full analysis on my SubscribeStar page. […]


  2. […] “#MAGAWeek2019: President Trump’s Independence Day Speech“:  This post was a Subscribe Star exclusive, so you’ll have to pay a buck to read the full thing, but it’s about how great President Trump’s Independence Day speech was.  After all the hand-wringing from the Left and the noodle-wristed Right about Trump hosting a yuge military display on the Fourth of July (see also:  “Symbolism and Trumpism“), Trump delivered a speech that reminded us of why we can be proud to be a part of this incredible, unprecedented nation.  I didn’t hear the whole “airport at Yorktown” comment, but I’m also not attuned to picking up Trump’s every minor error and calling it treason the way Leftists are. […]


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