SubscribeStar Saturday: Yulestravaganza 2022 Review

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It’s Christmas Eve, the most mystical and magical night of the year.  Last Saturday was the annual Yulestravaganza, the most bonkers night of the year.

The Yulestravaganza, for those wondering, is not a consonant-ridden Welsh holiday.  It’s the little Christmas show my buddies John and Steve O and I put on each December.

Well, not quite each December.  During the long years of The Age of The Virus, the Yulestravaganza was a no-go, and we have been unable to get it together in other years due to scheduling conflicts.

But we managed to slap it together this year—very nearly at the last minute—and had a grand old time.

The Yulestravaganza is a “songwriter-in-the-round” format.  Each of us plays a solo selection (usually with one or both of the others hopping in here and there for harmonies or additional accompaniment), then we play a group selection.  Rinse and repeat until the gig is done.

It’s a very fun, very loose way of putting together a show.  We don’t have a set list, just a mental or jotted list of songs we’d like to get in before the evening ends.

So, how did the Yulestravaganza 2022 go?

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2 thoughts on “SubscribeStar Saturday: Yulestravaganza 2022 Review

  1. One day, I’ll subscribe and then I’ll be able to read the Saturday posts! 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you, your family and your very dear readers, from me and Tina.

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    • I need to figure out how to give gift subscriptions. I know how to extend existing subscribers’ subscriptions to give them free months, but I don’t know (yet) how to give new subscribers a free subscription.


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