Little Paintings

As last Tuesday’s post suggests, I’ve really been getting into small forms of art:  miniatures.  Short musical pieces are fun to compose, and can be dashed off (and, hopefully, recorded) in mere minutes.

I’ve also always been a lover of bric-a-brac—little tiny figurines and collectibles and the like—and am drawn to them in part because of their tiny size.  I have a random assortment of such bric-a-brac on my desk at this very moment—an R2-D2 figurine; a little pumpkin finger puppet; a LEGO Han Solo; a little ghost—and have other little figurines in various places in my home.

Not surprisingly, I’ve also come to really enjoy small paintings.

Back when I was getting ready for the most recent Halloween Spooktacular, I particularly enjoyed painting mugs, which I sold/attempted to sell at the concert.  I had plenty of acrylic paint leftover from the Spring Jam (where children painted birdhouses), and for Christmas I received some little 5″x7″ canvases.

Amusingly enough, I discovered these canvases when looking for Christmas presents for my three-year old (as of today!) nephew.  I was looking at his Amazon wishlist (his mom put it together, not him), and found the canvases… so I added them to my wishlist.  That means I have the same tastes as a toddler.

Regardless, I cracked open the canvases and set about with my first stumbling attempts at painting.  The first I painted was a pastoral scene, which I entitled “Apple Picking” (also featured in this past Sunday’s Sunday Doodles):

Sunday Doodles CXVIII, 13 February 2022 - Apple Picking

In talking to Mariella Hunt on Instagram (yep, I have an Instagram now—d’oh!), she mentioned how much she enjoys pink apples, so I dabbed in some pink spots as a small nod to her.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I decided to do something with a heart.  I really like to use hearts in my artwork and doodles, but I thought it might be fun to do something a bit different, and fuse Valentine’s Day with one of my favorite holidays, Halloween:

Sunday Doodles CXIX, 20 February 2022 - Valenween - In Progress

After letting the paint dry a bit, I added some additional details—the blood splatter from Cupid’s arrow piercing through the heart-head; gray on the arrow; and additional detail on the cowl:

Sunday Doodles CXIX, 20 February 2022 - Valenween

I’ve had two proposed names for this painting: “Frankentine” and “Valenween.”  “Frankentine” has a great ring to it, but the figure in this picture doesn’t seem Frankensteinian enough.  I also thought “Valoween” would be a good variation on “Valenween.”

What do you think?  Leave a comment.  Oh, and if you were to purchase artwork, what would you pay for one of these (if anything!)?  Let me know!

Happy Tuesday!



12 thoughts on “Little Paintings

  1. One day, with Tina’s permission of course, I’ll scan the Christmas card she made for me a few a years ago – her take on A Christmas Carol – and send it over. The drawings were excellent and often humourous. She’s a serious artist, painter and sculptor but her fun drawings are just as brilliant.

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  2. My daughter taught herself how make resin miniatures – minis are in. Always good to start small – if you have enough artist-heart to fill a small canvas, chances are you will begin to advance to larger canvases.

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