Supporting Friends Friday: The Birds of Mariella Hunt

As I’ve noted many times before, one of the joys of blogging is discovering other writers’ work.  As I’ve steered this blog in an increasingly arts-and-culture-focused direction, I’ve stumbled upon some excellent creators of all stripes—writers, musicians, illustrators, poets, etc.  What I’m beginning to realize is that we’re all part of a wider network (I mean, besides the Internet), and the connections were just there waiting to be made.

At least, it feels like that sometime.  That’s certainly how it feels with the subject of this week’s Support Friends Friday, the talented artist Mariella Hunt.

I discovered Mariella through Andrea’s blog, which I featured a couple of weeks ago.  We’ve conversed a bit back and forth online.  She is a very devout Catholic, but isn’t a bully about it (although apparently some Protestants have given her a hard time about it).  According to her a blog, she write historical fiction, which I have not had an opportunity to read.  She also calls herself a “bluestocking,” which is a Victorian term for a woman who pursues intellectual and literary endeavors.

But her latest artistic endeavor is watercolor painting.  Specifically, painting birds.

She is her own worst critic, based on what I have read of her posts, but her birds are quite good—and adorable!  I particularly like the image heading this post, which features three birds that look like they’re starting a gang.

It seems that Mariella is relatively new to painting, as her blog’s prior focus was on literature and reading.  I’ve only been following her blog since January 2022, so I only really know Mariella the visual artist.  Based on that alone, though, and our limited correspondence, I imagine her literary material is well-worth diving into for those interested.

Regardless, Mariella’s blog is presently for the birds—and we’re fortunate to be along for the flight as she dives deeper into the world of water colors.


2 thoughts on “Supporting Friends Friday: The Birds of Mariella Hunt

  1. You do find the nicest people, Port. Between your introduction of Mariella and having read her linked blog page, I think she’s going to fit right in.

    Kudos, Mariella; your little bird is charming – as is the squirrel. Watercolor is so difficult – I applaud your bravery.

    And I’m sure Alys and Mariella will get on famously chatting about baking. Fun days ahead.

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