Son of Sonnet: Valentine’s Day

Good ol’ Son of Sonnet offered up a Valentine’s Day poem on his Telegram page, and gave me permission to reprint it here on the blog.

If you haven’t already, I recommend you read Son’s The Gemini Sonnets series, too#1#2#3#4#5, and #6.

Every artist as dedicated to his craft as Son deserves both recognition and support.  I would encourage you to consider a subscription to Son of Sonnet’s SubscribeStar page as a way to encourage the growth and development of an eloquent voice on our side of this long culture war.  Conservatives often complain about not holding any ground culturally; now is the time to support the culture that is being created.

You can read Son of Sonnet’s poetry on his Telegram channel, on Gab, and on Minds.

Valentine’s Day
by Son of Sonnet

When I see you, I blame it on vaccines,
that suddenly my heart will skip a beat.
My doubtful brain transforms, my soul made clean,
and I submit to love in sweet defeat.
From you I hear the words I long have yearned.
The truth, the light, the meaning underneath;
the honest essence which we use to learn.
What thing is love? No simple act beneath
the quilted covers, of united flesh,
but life designed for all of it to share.
When you are tired, seek me to refresh,
and I will honor Valentine in care.
There’s no one else in all this land
That I would rather hold my hand.


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