Supporting Friends Friday: The Halloween Poetry of Jeremy Miles

I kicked off Supporting Friends Friday announcing the publication of my friend Jeremy Miles‘s third book of poetry, Hindsight: Poetry in 2020 (it’s available in paperbackhardcover, and Kindle editions).  The publication of a buddy’s book seemed like the perfect time to celebrate and support my friends’ various achievements.

That was in June.  Now, just three months later, Jeremy has cranked out another collection, one about which I am very excited:  Haunted Verses Haunting: A Halloween Collection (available in paperback and Kindle editions for $15 and $2.99, respectively).

The poems in this volume appear in Jeremy’s first three releases (get them here, here, and here), so they’ve seen publication before, but if you love Halloween—and I definitely do—this collection puts all of his spookiest poems together in one place.  If you love Halloween and you’re a cheapskate, you can save some cash and pick up the present volume (though I highly recommend you purchase his entire oeuvre, as I have done—at least in paperback).

Jeremy definitely loves Halloween, too, and often says he wishes every day were Halloween.  That might rob the holiday of some of its magic, but I appreciate the sentiment:  Halloween these days seems to get short shrift during the holiday season, with the commercialized version of Christmas stretching its imperialistic tentacles deep into October—and even September!  But that’s all to say that a guy who loves Halloween that much is going to release some of the spookiest, most spine-tingling poetry you’ll ever read.

Granted, I’m a bit biased.  Not only is Jeremy a good friend of mine (and a real-life one at that), I also played some small role in bringing this book to fruition, at least as quickly as it did come out.  Jeremy has been working on the collection for awhile now, but with work and school obligations, he’d put the project to the side (I understand:  I was putting a good dent into my first omnibus volume of Sunday Doodles, only to have left the manuscript untouched since late March or early April).

I attended a poetry reading a few weeks ago that he gave at a local art shop, and we’d been talking a bit about the Halloween project.  I asked him to read some of his Halloween poetry at the upcoming Spooktacular 2021 (30 October 2021, for those interested—more details to come).  After the reading, I encouraged him to hammer out the rest of the collection so it could be published in time for the Spooktacular (I can’t remember if I told him he should sell copies there or not, but if I didn’t, I am encouraging him now to do so).  It takes a long time for Amazon to deliver author copies of books published through their platform, so getting the book published in early September would be crucial for a delivery date in time for the penultimate day in October.

Well, apparently that did the trick.  I didn’t realize how influential my little pep talk (Jeremy characterized it as a “kick to the posterior”), but Jeremy credits it as one of the reasons he finished the volume:

Jeremy Miles Halloween Book Acknowledgments

That kind of thing always gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling (probably what a Jack O’Lantern feels when he’s got a warm candle burning inside of him).

Well, the rest is history.  Go get yourself a copy of Haunted Verses Haunting: A Halloween Collection—just in time for Halloween!


17 thoughts on “Supporting Friends Friday: The Halloween Poetry of Jeremy Miles

  1. Talk of Halloween always puts Henry Hall’s Hush (Here Comes The Boogeyman) into my head. Bizarrely, when I was doing the washing up a few minutes ago, I found myself segwaying into Teddy Bear’s Picnic. For those who don’t know me here, I’m a bit of an oddball. Just ask Audre! 🙂

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  2. Except for the opening words – If you go down in the woods today
    You’re sure of a big surprise
    If you go down in the woods today
    You’d better go in disguise!

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