TBT: Gay Totalitarianism

Thanks to Lauren Witzke, yesterday’s post was spread far more widely than I anticipated.  It’s thanks to her that I even had the idea for the post, thus proving, once again, that beautiful and intelligent women continue to serve as a source of inspiration.

In keeping with the theme, I thought this week’s TBT should look back at a past post about the totalitarian nature of the LGBTQ+2Aetc. movement.  I wrote this piece way back in April 2019, which feels like it was an eternity go.

The problem I identified at the time—the excessive empowerment of fringe identities leading to perverse incentives to play victim—has only exacerbated since then.  Remember, 2019 was before the George Floyd debacle, which turned a man with numerous health problems overdosing on fentanyl into a martyr and a saint—and resulted in a summer of race riots.  Depending on one’s sexual orientation and/or skin color, one can practically commit crimes and get off scot-free.

I attributed this to the totalitarian Left’s lust for power.  Now, however, I’m not even so sure if that’s what is at root of it all.  At a certain point, rational explanations fail.  There is such a degree of irrationality at play, the presumption shifts from “these actions are conscious and intentional” to “these actions are the result of an insane mind.”  Perhaps we’re witnessing widespread insanity, which progressive politics caters to happily.

Whatever the reason, identity politics is destroying our fragile social fabric, rending it violently apart.

With that, here is 2 April 2019’s “Gay Totalitarianism“:

I’ve been writing a good bit lately about the inherent totalitarianism of the Left.  Christopher Roach’s piece about secession—and how the Left would never allow it—argues that, even if a peaceful separation of traditional and progressive Americans were desirable or feasible, the latter group would not—philosophically could not—permit it.

That’s because the Left is, at bottom, all about power, and forcing blind acceptance to its cause du’jour.  Actually, it seems to be about power and something else, because even blind power wouldn’t participate in some of the insanity, the outright depraved lunacy, of progressive Leftism.

Consider Pedro Gonzalez’s recent piece for American Greatness, “Our Queer Decline.”  He writes about Nikki Joly, a lesbian activist in Jackson, Michigan, who secured the passage of a “nondiscrimination law” (which, Gonzalez perceptively notes, “institutionalized discrimination against the heteronormative”).  Ms. Joly, crestfallen that the conservative town didn’t start rioting, supplied the victimhood herself by burning down her own home.

There’s a sick logic at play here:  preferred “victim” groups know they can stage hoaxes, immediately eliciting widespread sympathy (and media attention, and perhaps money).  The pendulum of justice may ultimately swing in their direction, but as we’ve seen with high-profile hoaxer Jussie Smollett, if you’re the right color (not white) and sexuality (not straight), you’ll get a pass.

The Jussie Smollett case is particularly infuriating, not least of all for the Chicago Police Department.  Smollett’s original claims were cartoonishly over-the-top—wearing a noose around his neck, claiming his attackers tried to bleach his skin—but they were treated seriously and investigated thoroughly.  The evidence against him is airtight:  he wrote a personal check to two Nigerian cast members from his show, Empire, and staged the whole thing.

Then, all the charges against poor Jussie were dropped.  State’s Attorney Kim Foxx dropped the prosecution’s case, perhaps at the behest of the Obama Crime Family.

You get what you incentivize.  There was always a pull to fake a hate crime against yourself if you were a visible minority or engaged in some sexually deviant behavior.  But the push against it was the threat of eventual prosecution.

Now, if you’re kind-of-black, sort-of-gay enough, you have reason to believe you can cast about wild accusations with few concerns.

Of course, questioning this unfortunate situation aloud in mixed company is a social—even professional—death sentence.  Don’t want to bake a cake for a gay couple’s “wedding”?  Better be ready to take it to the Supreme Court, buddy.

Do what you want in your personal life.  But stop using the power of the state in a vain attempt to normalize your deviancy.  No one cares what you do, until you use the implied (and explicit) threats of violence and financial ruin to foist your bedroom antics on the rest of us.


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