Reclaim the Rainbow

Orthodox Christian, America Firster, former US Senate candidate for Delaware, and current babe Lauren Witzke posted a meme to her Telegram page a few days ago featuring a rainbow with the Cross emblazoned in front of it, with the captions “June is Christianity Month” and “Reclaim the Rainbow.”

It’s a clever meme, of course, because June has become Pride Month, a month dedicated to forced corporate celebrations of abiological and immoral lifestyles.

Seriously, this stuff is everywhere:  I flipped on Hulu last night and the first, marquee recommendation in the streaming service is to explore its collection of alphabet soup offerings.  I fully expect to endure a month of seeing two effeminate men, probably both of some dubious ethnicity, making out every time I see an ad for deodorant.

The rainbow is a sign of God’s Promise to Noah—and, therefore, to humanity—never to flood the Earth again.  Rainbows remind us that God keeps His Promises (which is one reason I never fell for the climate hysteria about “rising sea levels”).

They’re also a beautiful reminder of the stern fact of God’s Judgment:  at one point, the world became so wicked, God flooded it, killing everyone but Noah and his family—a faithful remnant that carried on humanity, and life on the planet as we know it.  God won’t destroy the world with water again, but fire is still on the table.  It’s hard to imagine a world more wicked and lost than our own; could the world of Noah’s day really been that much worse?

Like with anything godly and good, however, Satan puts his own perverted spin on the rainbow.  Christians overlook this point at our own peril:  instead of standing up to the LGBTQ+2Aetc. crowd, saying, “The rainbow is a symbol of God’s Promise, not of the filthy antics you indulge in together in the bedroom and at public libraries,” we’ve let them mutate that symbol into a celebration—a prideful one, at that—of blatant perversion.

Again:  the symbol has been perverted into a symbol of perversion!

Christianity aside, rainbows are fun, childlike, and beautiful.  My niece often says her favorite color is “rainbow,” not because she’s going to be marching in any parades, but because she’s a sweet little girl.  Now, we have forces in society trying to normalize pedophilia.  The sickening twisting—the celebration of the sinister, evil, dark shadow image of the pure and the right—is becoming the norm.

So this Christianity Month, I urge Christians to boldly proclaim the Gospel; to denounce evil; and to reclaim the Rainbow.


5 thoughts on “Reclaim the Rainbow

  1. There was a time in America when it was relatively dangerous to be gay. Teenage boys used to think it great fun to ‘troll for queers’ in city parks with the express intention of beating them up. There were anti-sodomy laws. A gay person could lose their job if they became ‘known’. Living a shadow life – ‘in the closet’ – caused a great deal of depression and anxiety and suicide was not unknown for this segment of people.

    As with civil rights and the segregation of people of color, America corrected those wrongs against the gay community and were once again able to judge by the content of character instead of the visual.

    As seems to always happen, the ‘fringe’ side of an issue got all the headlines and today’s Gay Pride marches have become theater. My nephew and my very good friend are gay. They are professional people who would no more attend a gay pride rally than fly backwards. Nor have they run off to ‘get married’, even though my nephew and his partner have been together longer than I’ve been married to my husband.

    I’ve never understood the appropriation of the rainbow. It has always seemed to me that if it was going to be used as an icon, it would have been used by civil rights groups back in the day because America is composed of a rainbow of skin colors. But that’s neither here nor there; I’m not insulted by the rainbow being used. It has become meaningless and doesn’t reflect on Christianity at all, I don’t believe. In today’s America, I don’t think most folks even know about the rainbow of the Bible and God’s promise to us.

    I have often thought, and think it more often, that one knows one has arrived when one no longer needs a parade.

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    • I appreciate that many homosexuals are unassuming and generally just living their lives; nevertheless, we’ve swung waaaay too far in the other direction. The extreme vanguard of the LGBTQA2+etc. movement/lifestyle/orientation exploited Christian charity and secular tolerance and turned it into a weapon. I don’t want to go back to the days of trolling city parks for grown men engaged in clandestine fudge preparation, but shouldn’t we be able to say, forthrightly, that homosexuality is a sin, and is counterproductive? I don’t want to succumb to the slippery slope, but doesn’t the history of the past twenty years demonstrates that “just wanting to be treated fairly” quickly devolved into “we want kids exposed to ‘kink’ and gayness at extremely early ages”?

      The biggest mistake Christians have made is to pretend that homosexuality is a harmless habit engaged in between consenting adults. Now we’re forced to accept, even to celebrate, a form of sexuality that is inherently, biblically immoral—even in some churches!

      I don’t mean to come across as strident or inhumane. Love the sinner, not the sin—that really should be the standard. But the sinners are making it hard. I guess that’s the challenge of loving one’s enemy. Could they maybe not want to flaunt and push their lifestyle so hard? Or do they realize, deep down, that its inherently wrong, so they angrily project their inner turmoil onto the rest of us, demanding that we bend reality to accommodate their peculiar set of peccadillos? A marriage certificate for two men, after all, is essentially a piece of paper from the government that says, “We are normal.” But that doesn’t make it so.


      • No argument here, Port – I agree with you. My point was and is that we’ve made corrections to the original wrongs and that’s still not enough. Again – the squeaky wheel gets everything it wants. But until they gulag us, we should be able to speak our opinions out loud. Do it now … clock’s ticking …

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