Back to Universal Studios Again; Summer Vacation Updates

I’m back in Orlando, Florida, for another trip to Universal Studios.  Tomorrow’s SubscribeStar Saturday will likely be late again, but Lazy Sunday should be good to go.  I’ll post in a bit more detail about our adventures down here later on.

Next week I’ll be making up last week’s SubscribeStar Saturday and tomorrow’s in great detail.  Apologies to subscribers for the delays.  Even though it’s now summer vacation, those final teacher workdays were doozies, with a flurry of end-of-the-year items to complete, not least of all accurate report card grades and comments.

It looks like this summer’s run of History of Conservative Thought will be cancelled, unfortunately, due to low enrollment (one student signed up—d’oh!).  It actually works out, though, as I’m hitting a whopping ten students for private music lessons over the summer.  If everyone continues into the next academic year, I’ll have twelve students in total during the school year—the highest ever.

I’ve never managed to break ten, and I’ve never had so many students take during the summer, when the numbers usually fall back a bit.  I only have one current student taking the summer off, and I have one new student who won’t start until August.  I’m starting with a new student in a few weeks, doing lessons twice a week, every other week.

If all goes according to plan, most of my lessons will be done on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, and I’ll be starting piano lessons with my niece on Tuesday mornings starting next week.  That means I can dedicate my mornings to writing and getting stuff done around the house, so my next book might be done by the end of the summer.  I’m still working on a collection of the first fifty editions of Sunday Doodles, too, which should be a nice little coffee table book.

That’s the latest on my end.  I’ll be riding rides and having a grand ol’ time today.  Here’s hoping everyone is having a great weekend, and enjoying Christianity Month.

God Bless!



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