SubscribeStar Saturday: Easter Weekend

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It’s Easter Weekend 2020!  As I wrote on Wednesday, it doesn’t feel like Easter.  It will definitely be weird not waking up, getting all dressed up, and going to service at a packed church tomorrow morning.  Of course, many faithful Americans are planning on doing that, even in defiance of various States’ shutdown orders—more power to ’em!  No State can constitutionally shutdown religious services.  Naturally, you can elect not to attend—probably advisable.

That’s a point that people often miss about the Constitution.  There are tons of activities and laws that are constitutionally admissible—really, our entire legal system is built on the premise of “ask forgiveness, not permission,” as nothing is considered illegal unless explicitly forbidden (that’s the very simple explanation, anyway)—but that doesn’t mean every constitutional action is also a smart one.  The late Justice Antonin Scalia quipped that he wished he’d had a giant rubber stamp that read, “Stupid, but Constitutional.”

But I digress.  In the wake of this decidedly un-Eastery Easter, I thought I’d write a bit about my family has been celebrating in lieu of the traditional observance.

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