The Lo-Fi Hymnal

Pick up my latest release, The Lo-Fi Hymnal, for just $4 (or name your own price).

Last October, I wrote a piece call “The Joy of Hymnals,” in which I waxed rhapsodic about, well, the joy of playing hymns!  They are fun, singable, and challenging, but not so difficult that they can’t be figured out with some judicious plunking at the keys.

Sometime earlier this year, I began making very short recordings of myself playing hymns on the piano at church, mainly during offertory or the invitational—or occasionally during what I call the “walk-off,” the time when the choir members walk back to their seats—as I can usually get through one verse and chorus without (too many) mistakes.  These were mainly to send to friends (you’d also be surprised how much Christian girls like a man who plays piano at church) and for my own edification.

It occurred to me that, albeit the qualities of the recordings were fairly low, I could package them together into a short little EP release.  So I set about compiling my meager collection of four cellphone recordings into The Lo-Fi Hymnal.

The Lo-Fi Hymnal, available on my Bandcamp page for $4 (or you can name your own price, or just stream it for free), consists of four recordings, three of which I took at church, the other (“My Wonderful Lord“) recorded at home.  The whole thing is only about 3:32 seconds in length, so it’s very short, but I hope it warms your heart.

I’m already planning a second volume, which I hope to make a bit higher quality (while still retaining the “lo-fi” aesthetic).  If you have any suggestions for a song to include, please let me know.  All of the selections from The Lo-Fi Hymnal are from the Free Will Baptist Hymn Book, so browse through the “Table of Contents” and see if anything strikes your fancy.

Thanks again for your support.

Happy Good Friday!


Pick up my latest release, The Lo-Fi Hymnal, for just $4 (or name your own price).


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