The Return of the Biden

It was another big night for Joe “You’re Full of Sh*t” Biden swept through another round of primaries, with aging “democratic socialist” Bernie Sanders only winning North Dakota.  In short, it was another big night for Biden.

It’s interesting to me how even when a candidate “wins” a State, his opponent can garner delegates, unlike the “winner-take-all” approach of the Electoral College (with the exceptions of Maine and Nebraska, where candidates can win electoral votes for winning majorities in individual congressional districts, even if they don’t win the majority of votes in the State).  That helps the second-place finisher stay in the race, but the reporting—“Biden wins Michigan!“—plant the suggestion that Bernie is toast.

Well, perception is—or tends to be—reality, and the media is all-in for Biden.  Since his blowout victories in South Carolina and on Super Tuesday, I’m increasingly convinced that Biden will win the nomination outright.  The prospects of a brokered Democratic National Convention—They Will be Done!—seems increasingly remote.

But Biden still has a ways to go to get to 1991 delegates.  According to RealClearPolitics, he currently holds 843 delegates (which may change by the time I’m done writing this post), while Bernie has 681.  Florida is still lingering out there with 219 delegates, and Illinois with its 155.  Bernie might be able to pull out fellow members of the Tribe down in South Florida, but the prospect of Biden losing in Obama’s adopted home State is laughable.

Of course, we don’t want either of these men anywhere near the Oval Office.  Biden is casting himself as a moderate, but he’s anything but.  He’s pledged to make Robert Francic O’Rourke in charge of gun control.  O’Rourke was the Leftist darling who pledged to take guns away from law-abiding American citizens, all while eating dirt and skateboarding into the mists.

Also, the elephant—or the bloated donkey—in the room is Biden’s senility, which is possibly dementia.  It’s sad for him personally, but Biden can barely string two sentences together without botching it (sure, I do this on a Monday morning before my coffee fix, but I’m not running for President of the United States).  Surely he’s going to be a puppet for whatever crazy whims his Democratic Cabinet and the Party at large want, like Woodrow Wilson after his stroke (his wife strictly limited access to President Wilson, and would hold his hand to sign bills and executive orders).

Bernie Sanders’s craziness stems from his embrace of a destructive ideology.  Biden’s is something far more difficult to pinpoint.  Either way, we shouldn’t let the media snooker us into thinking he’s a lucid moderate who will restore decorum—ah, yes, that most important of virtues; yeesh—if he wins election.

5 thoughts on “The Return of the Biden

  1. When it comes to Bernie, the real question is who his VP would be. He’s already had a heart attack during this campaign and is less than likely to survive a term in office, assuming he is allowed to get the nomination and survives the general election campaign.

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