Super Tuesday Results

Whoa!  The Super Tuesday results are (mostly) in, and it looks like my prediction was right:  Biden gobbled up the South, including Virginia, while Sanders held strong on the Left Coast, including Colorado (and, most significantly, California).  Politico has a nifty rundown of the results.

Biden is being propped up by the establishment wing of the Democratic Party.  Amy “The Teacher’s Pet” Klobuchar and “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg both suspended their campaigns after Biden’s big win in South Carolina.  Based on his performance in South Carolina, I figured that black voters were behind him thanks to his role as Obama’s VP.  Sanders has struggled with black voters (who, in addition to not liking homosexuals, also don’t seem to care for elderly Jewish socialists).

Now Bloomberg has dropped out, too, and thrown his support to Biden.  I called this one right as well:  he was a red herring all along.  Elizabeth Warren, who seems to reevaluating her pledge to “take it to the convention,” effectively destroyed him in the Nevada debates.  It also puts to bed the notion that the presidency can be bought (at least at this point).  Maybe if Biden had stumbled in SC (and Bloomberg had stayed out of the Nevada debate), Bloomy could have filled the vacuum of the Democratic “center,” but I doubt it.

Speaking of Liz Warren, she never stood a chance, in retrospect.  I was worried about her as the angrier version of Hillary Clinton, with her appeal to box wine aunties and bitter cat ladies, the Anti-Trump.  But no one likes a shrill nag literally shaking as she scolds you on television.  She was the candidate of over-educated progressive schoolmarms and soy boys.  Warren was also a demonstrable, shameless liar.

With his convincing Super Tuesday showing—and all of his major opponents dropping conveniently on the eve of the elections—Biden is much closer to securing the nomination.  At the time of writing, he holds 508 delegates, according to NBC News.  Sanders is holding steady with 458.

An interesting wrinkle:  while Bloomberg won American Samoa (lol), Congressbabe Tulsi Gabbard picked up one delegate in the territory.  There is speculation this single delegate will make her eligible for the next couple of Democratic debates.  I’ll believe it when I see it:  the Democratic Party establishment is fully behind Biden now (look for Obama to endorse his former VP—at last—soon), and there’s already talk of tightening the rules.  No one is going to take any risks of Biden not winning the nomination at this point.

That said, they’ve already had massive debates; go ahead and let her on-stage!  If nothing else it will add some comparative youth and beauty to what will otherwise be two angry old men shaking their fists at each other.  I am far likelier to tune in if I get to watch Tulsi Gabbard beautifully spew nonsense for the full fifteen seconds of screen time they would give her.  Being hot increases my tolerance for foolishness substantially (although, to be fair, she is the one Democrat who seems to acknowledge conservatives’ right to exist).

Erhem.  I digress.  Democrats seem to think Biden is their best bet.  I worry about Biden’s ability to pull out black voters, which could be juuuust enough to swing some key States.  Otherwise, Trump will demolish him.  Just play that clip of him forgetting the Declaration of Independence‘s guarantee that “all men are created equal” over and over—and all of his other addled, senile gaffs—and people will very quickly question his mental acuity.

Sanders is a toss-up.  On the one hand, I can’t conceive of Americans voting for a socialist while the economy is so good.  But if the coronavirus continues to disrupt the economy, Sanders’s ability to energize the base could turn out voters in key States.  That’s a frightening prospect.

Either way, the only real option—and, fortunately, an option that we now know is exceptionally great—is Trump.  Don’t mess with success.


2 thoughts on “Super Tuesday Results

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