Get Woke, Get Dumped

To contrast with yesterday’s post about Prince Harry’s royal cuckery, here’s an example from across the pond about the right way to approach a girl infected with social justice nonsense and feminist dogma.  Actor Laurence Fox, who plays a police sergeant in Lewis, a program my parents watch, has sworn off dating Leftist girls, and women under 35 in general.

Anyone who has been on the dating scene—as I have—in the past few years knows that it’s a vast wasteland.  Yes, technology has made it easier to play the numbers (and, let’s face it, dating is a numbers game; some people just get lucky or have better odds earlier than some of us).  But that same technology has completely upended the economics of dating, as women get literally hundreds of potential “applicants” compared to men.  It’s actually made women even more picky, if that were possible.

That’s bad enough.  That situation is made worse when coupled with a rise in radical feminism and SJW bullcrap among young people generally.  Finding a traditional or conservative girl who doesn’t just want to fleece you out of your retirement or nag about “equality” is virtually impossible.  I consider myself lucky to be out of that world (I was fortunate and found a godly, upstanding, moral woman).

Unfortunately, I’m worried that Fox’s minimum age of 35 won’t help much.  A woman who hasn’t had children by that point is going to be desperate for them (I write from experience, as offensive as that sentiment might seem).  There are also plenty of aging SJWs at that age, too—life isn’t always hard enough to red-pill women by that point.

Regardless, he’s very prudent.  Fox relays a short-lived relationship with a young SJW type who backed Christine Blasey Ford—the inveterate liar and baby-voiced crone who smeared an innocent man’s name for purely political reasons—and loved Gillette’s anti-male advertisement.  He finally had enough and told her they were through.

Here’s Fox on the relationship:

He added: “You know when a woman starts speaking to you like that [about the need to dismantle the patriarchy, etc.] you need to run. She’s literally giving you two very strong hints that she’s about to make your life miserable.

“She had been primed. This is the problem if you are priming women to believe they are victims and that this is a tyrannical patriarchy. It’s not like they’ve got a solution for that. They just want a matriarchy. Exactly the same, just the women in charge. And it’s just like, no, sorry.”

Fox highlights the potential danger to men in dating, which has become much more of a reality.  Now that college campuses will expel young men for a romantic encounter gone awry—without any standard of proof beyond the girl saying, “I decided after the fact that I really didn’t want to do [insert activity here] with him”—and men are finding themselves dragged through divorce court because their wives read Eat, Pray, Love the weekend before, it’s becoming very costly to date.

That enmity between the genders is soul-crushing—and, sadly, our foreordained destiny.  Genesis 3, specifically verse 15, states that, as a consequence of Adam and Eve’s disobedience, there will be “enmity” between men and women, and that men will rule over women (and, in some translations, the implication is that women will desire to rule over men).  There’s some cold comfort in that these problems are not new, but go back to the origins of humanity.

Of course, this division is the consequence of our original sin.  True unity of and equality between the sexes can only be found in Christ.  The further our nation and society move away from Christ, however, the more intense this enmity becomes.  The pointless competition we’re seeing, and this intense desire not just for equality with men, but to rule over us, all traces back to our godlessness.

In the meantime, following Fox’s advice is prudent.  But as the supply of good, godly, traditional women declines, we’re going to see a great deal more enmity, bitterness, and heartache.


2 thoughts on “Get Woke, Get Dumped

  1. […] “Get Woke, Get Dumped” – This post was the contrasting companion piece to the Prince Harry one.  British actor Laurence Fox has taken the other route, and dumped his SJW girlfriend summarily.  He’s also sworn off women under 35—a dicier proposition, but understandable.  Younger girls have been so infected with and indoctrinated by wokery, it’s like talking to aliens.  There are obvious exceptions, of course, but those are called “unicorns.” […]


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