After putting out my appeal for contributors last week, Audre Myers immediately answered the call.  Within a couple of hours, I had a piece from her in my inbox—and what a fun piece it is!

Audre is a woman of many talents and interests; one of those interests, I’m happy to report, is Bigfoot.  While I’m not going to claim that Bigfoot exists, this site is pro-Bigfoot, in the sense that any musings about our aloof cryptozoological friend will always find a welcome home here at The Portly Politico.  I even floated the idea of Audre doing a regular post about the hairy beast, but she said he’s been quiet lately.

Until now, it seems!  Idaho has more than potatoes, Mormons, Californians, and Mariella Hunt—it might also have a muscular man-ape roaming about!

With that, here is Audre’s piece, in which she will ask you to “Suspend…”:

Your disbelief. Do you remember the movie Poltergeist (1982)? One of the funniest lines in that movie is when the husband comes home and finds his wife in the kitchen all excited. She shows him the poltergeist activity and says to him, “Remember when you had an open mind?” Makes me laugh even now. But that’s what I want you to do right now. Remember when you had an open mind?

I came across this video just a couple of days ago. In all transparency, I sent this link to Neo and Scoop—neither of whom are shy about telling me I’m a cracker factory escapee. I love them for it! They keep me moored. But sometimes … I just have to shake my head. “There are none so blind as those who will not see.” There are several things I’d like you to note as you watch this video: girth—examine the legs and arms; back—the width of it; the butt—the ‘cheeks’ move up and down with each step and in parts of the video, the cleft between the two is visible; watch the odd bend of the foot; the torso—that’s the stomach of an athlete, not a fat man in a suit.

Now … Scoop says there’s no perspective, no way to judge the size of the creature. I, at this point anyway, don’t care how tall it may or may not be, but all you have to do is look at the image. It’s a huge creature!

Ok. I’ve done enough talking. I have my kevlar vest and riot helmet on. I’m ready for the comments.


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