Supporting Friends Friday: The Literary Serenity Archives

Just when it seems that I am running out of friends to support, I stumble upon some new bloggers whose work I admire.  Such is the case with this Friday’s featured “friend.”

While I don’t know her personally—and, thus, “friend” might be a bit bold of a claim—I’ve come to enjoy Joyce Jacobo‘s charming literature blog, The Literary Serenity Archives.

Ms. Jacobo describes the blog thusly (italics added):

Welcome to The Literary Serenity Archives, a blog dedicated to highlighting fun, cheerful, and uplifting stories in the hopes of brightening the lives of anyone who reads them. Narratives surround us in everyday life–written on the pages of books, found in the history of various locations, enjoyed as fond memories connected to specific recipes, and furthered by the actions of charitable organizations driven to write brighter chapters for the future.

“Narratives surround us in everyday life”—how true!  We’re writing them every single day, whether we realize it or not.

In that vein, Jacobo recently published a bit of poetry exploring the powerful creative ability that writers (and other artists) employ, “Child of Words.”  It’s about the magical creation of a new character, and how this character eagerly awaits the adventures it will embark upon.

Jacobo is also a bit of an essayist.  In digging through her recent archives, I found a piece I very much enjoyed, “Three Lessons Learned from My Cat.”  While I own a dog (one that nearly crippled me in its haste to chase down a cat), the lessons learned—have a regular morning routine; enjoy the simple wonders of life; and take the time to sloooow down—are all things I’ve experienced with Murphy.  The morning routine is definitely true with a chubby bull terrier who likes to get on up to use the bathroom and enjoy some breakfast.

So take a bit of time this morning to check out her site.  You’ll be glad you did.


3 thoughts on “Supporting Friends Friday: The Literary Serenity Archives

  1. Oh my, thank you so much for featuring me on your blog! It means a lot to know that you would support my work, and that you have enjoyed several of my pieces. I will continue to work hard as a writer. ^_^

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