Supporting Friends Friday: More Mermaids from Mariella

I’ve been beating the drum in support of Mariella Hunt‘s fantasy, Regency-era novella The Sea Rose lately.  That’s because it’s a good story, and one that my readers—especially those ladies interested in historical romance and fantasy—would surely enjoy.

It’s also because Mariella really cranks out the goods.  Not only is The Sea Rose still unfolding; she’s already written a companion work, Mermaid: A Novel.  It’s the story of Meredith Bannister, who comes off as an oppressive nag in the early chapters of The Sea Rose, before readers see her in a more sympathetic light.

Full disclosure:  I have not finished The Sea Rose, nor have I read Mermaid: A Novel.  Based on the chapters of The Sea Rose I have read, however, I can surmise that Mermaid: A Novel will make for a quality read.

As such, this brief Friday post is not so much a review, as merely a notice:  if you’ve read any of Mariella Hunt’s work so far, you’ll likely enjoy more of her work.

It’s also a note of congratulations:  I only know Mariella through her writing, some Internet conversations, and some personal correspondence, but I think of her as a friend, and I want to celebrate her success in self-publishing.  The Sea Rose is apparently doing very well.  Anyone who has attempted to self-publish before knows that sales are difficult.  I’ve sold three copies of my absurdist detective collection, The One-Minute Mysteries of Inspector Gerard, in the last ninety days; that’s frankly better than I thought.  Still, it’s not exactly liberating me from the shackles of corporate America.

So, one writer to another, I’m thrilled for Mariella.  Here’s to her continued success!

Happy Friday!



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