Concert Time!

Tonight my students have their big Spring Concert.  It’s one of the two busiest days of my year (the other being the Christmas Concert), as there is much to be done to prepare.

The students are well-rehearsed and ready to play.  Today will be spend putting instruments on stage, and making sure everything is mic’d up properly.  That’s not difficult to do, per se, but it is quite time-consuming.

There are also a million little details to get sorted:  making sure extra copies of music are run off; ensuring that cables are taped down or covered to prevent tripping; checking the sound levels; making sure students know how to get on and off the stage efficiently; etc.  It’s a lot to do, but the payoff is worth it.

The “payoff,” in this case, is seeing the kids have fun while sharing their talents.  There is something magical about students getting up on stage and playing their hearts out.  They are often a bundle of nerves right beforehand, but get to experience that thrilling adrenaline rush that comes with a live performance.

I’ll have a full report this Saturday.  Now to start lugging stuff on stage!

Rock on,



6 thoughts on “Concert Time!

  1. Good luck, mate. Hope you all enjoy yourselves. 🙂

    As an aside, I’ll be sending that review, probably tomorrow. You’ll get it before the weekend anyway.

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    • Looking forward to reading (and posting) your review, Ponty. Thank you again for your submissions—they really enhance the blog.

      The concert was a smashing success. Allegedly, parents were saying, “I thought last year’s concert was good, but this year’s was even better!” Always a good sign.

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    • It was a wonderful concert. I am so proud of my students. I had some middle school students who were really nervous, but they nailed their performances. One young lady just started playing guitar seriously about a month or two ago, and she really brought together one of the pieces nicely. Another young man started learning bass earlier this year, and began lessons with me after Christmas. He played very well, with some sophisticated walkdowns and walkups.

      There’s more I could—and will—say, but I am super proud of all of them.

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