More Pillow Hoggin’

Well, it looks like self-righteous twerp David Hogg’s proposed progressive pillow company is, so far, a colossal flop.  Hogg announced a pillow company to rival Mike Lindell’s popular MyPillow, and immediately the mainstream press went to bonkers:  Washington Post published a fluffy feature before the company even had a name, and Newsweek thinks that Twitter followers are a substitute for actual clients.

Hogg is so clueless that he failed to register the trademark “Good Pillow,” the ultimate name of the company; a clever individual from North Carolina snagged it the day after the Newsweek piece was published on 10 February 2021.

I don’t expect a kid to know everything about business from the first day; heck, I wouldn’t expect myself to know where to begin manufacturing pillows in the United States.  But I’m also savvy enough not to start a company out of sheer spite.

But Good Pillow was never about selling pillows; it’s a political statement.  The company’s website links to it’s “manifesto,” which looks like something two college kids would put together in Microsoft Word at 2 AM.

Some stuff in the “manifesto” isn’t bad—pledges to make the pillows in America and to employ veterans and people with disabilities—but most of it is progressive drivel (including appointing a “Chief Progressive Officer” and giving to charities, which will really be funneling money to Soros-backed groups).  Hogg also takes time in the manifesto to remember the Parkland shooting, the tragedy he exploited for a fleeting moment of progressive stardom.

As I wrote in February, I sincerely wish Hogg the best.  Maybe he’ll figure it out.

But, at the same time, I won’t be surprised he fails—completely and utterly.  At that point, let’s hope this tool of the progressive elites quietly fades into obscurity, his children’s crusade finally at an end.

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