The Devil Went Down to Georgia

The results are coming in from the two Georgia Senate run-offs, and it looks like the Democrats (at the time of writing) have secured one US Senate seat, and are poised—thanks to some last-minute ballot-printing, no doubt—to win a second.  Raphael Warnock, the black minister who hates the military, defeated Kelly Loeffler.  Jon Ossoff, a progressive’s progressive (he attended Atlanta’s incredibly Leftist Paideia School), holds a razor-thin lead over David Perdue.  I’m sure Stacey Abrams will manufacture the necessary votes.

Of course, the Democratic victories—which will give the Democrats narrow control of the House, the Senate, and the Presidency come Biden the Usurper’s inauguration later this month—rest squarely at Georgia Republicans’ feet.  Governor Kemp’s unwillingness to uphold the integrity of the presidential election demoralized conservative voters—why vote if the system is rigged, and your own party won’t fight to fix it?

It’s also a matter of demographics:  Georgia has become far less white in a shockingly short amount of time, as notes.  This paragraph illustrates the change starkly:

In 1990, Georgia was 70 percent white and 26.9 percent black. In 2000, it was 63.2 percent white, 28.9 percent black, 5.4 percent Hispanic, and 2.3 Asian. In 2010, it was 56.6 percent white, 30.8 percent black, 8.8 percent Hispanic, and 3.5 Asian in 2010. [Map: Demographic patterns in every Georgia county,, by Saurabh Datar, April 27, 2017] In 2020 According to the Census, as of 2019, the percent of the population that is non-Hispanic white is down to 52%. In 2020, Biden is supposed to have defeated Trump with 49.5% of the vote to 49.3%. [Georgia Presidential Election Results 2020, ABC News, accessed December 30, 2020]

President Trump’s marginal gains among various minority groups could not overcome his slim losses among white voters in 2020 and the massive increase in non-white voters, who overwhelmingly vote Democratic.  That’s particularly true of black Americans, who despite various overtures from Republicans—including President Trump’s “Platinum Plan”—stubbornly stick with their progressive masters.

Even here in South Carolina we’ve been sold out.  Our junior Senator, Tim Scott, has become totally consumed with his blackness.  Once the true conservative Senator of our two (Mizz Lindsey always being a squishy McCainite), Scott now carries on endlessly about racial injustice and black oppression.  I sincerely want to believe that anyone can be a conservative—and I believe there are some rare black Americans who aren’t totally obsessed with their melanin content—but it seems that such chocolatey unicorns may be mythological creatures in a world in which racial grievance-mongering pays such a high premium.  As for Lindsey Graham, I advocated for his reelection on practical grounds in 2020, but let’s make sure this term is his last in D.C.—and Scott’s, too.

The Republican Party has proven itself utterly incapable of fighting—truly fighting—when needed most.  The 2020 election outcome isn’t about Trump winning—which I believe he did—but about the integrity of our very electoral system.  Who cares if Trump is boorish—he is right that we need to make sure our elections are free from fraud.  The Republican Party, apparently, doesn’t care about that, and it deserves to perish or be transformed radically as a result.

Now, the Democrats will have free rein to institute their insane policies.  Unlike Republicans in 2017, Democrats will make full use of their power to finalize their agenda.  Pretty soon we’ll be showing mandatory COVID vaccine cards as we take our four-year olds to compulsory transgender library readings.

May God have mercy on our souls—and strike down the Republicans who betrayed their supporters and their country.

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