Giving Tuesday

It’s that time of year where every vaguely commercial enterprise capitalizes on the the post-Thanksgiving Christmas season build-up to beg for your hard-earned dollars.  We’ve had Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday (is there a “Tithing Sunday” in there, too?).  Now it’s “Giving Tuesday,” the day designated for giving money to this or that charitable organization or dubious non-profit.

Prepare to have your inbox deluged with solicitations from various (and variably worthy) 501(c)(3)s, playing on the cheerfulness and generosity of Christmas in the hopes that you’ll pony up $25 or $50.  They’ll all claim they’re worthy causes—but how do you know?

Instead of running the risk of giving your merry moola to some Left-leaning charity, let me advise you on where to donate.  As much I’d love for you to support my blog (which, of course, I encourage you to do), here are some of bloggers, creators, and institutions that could really use your support:

  • Orion’s Cold Fire – My blogger buddy photog, proprietor of Orion’s Cold Fire, is probably closest to me in terms of the way we think about politics and the current moment in the culture wars.  He’s a great e-friend, and an excellent writer and photographer.  His is a smaller blog like mine—I think—but he’s had some success with expanding his readership and contributors.  It’s the little guys like us that need your support the most!  Donate here.
  • – VDare is one of the few websites with the reach and influence to impact the debate on immigration effectively.  Named for Virginia Dare, the first English child born in the English colonies, it’s the home for immigration patriots that hope to see immigration curtailed.  It’s also a powerful, independent voice in the culture wars, and hosts excellent writers, as well as John Derbyshire’s excellent weekly podcast.  If you have the Brave browser, you can donate your accumulated BAT directly to them.  The Left has targeted the site from every direction, and it nearly lost its web host earlier this year, so they can use all the support they can get.  Donate here.
  • John Derbyshire – Speaking of The Derb, John Derbyshire is an incredibly keen, interesting, and humane thinker.  I don’t endorse all of his views, which get quite controversial, but he’s one of my favorite writers and commentators.  He’s legitimately thoughtful, and goes where he believes the evidence takes him.  He was fired from National Review in 2012 for doing just that—while he had cancer!—and now writes and podcasts for VDareDonate here.
  • The Z Man – In that same vein, The Z Man is another one of my favorite writers and commentators.  His weekly podcast is the highlight of my media consumption (second maybe only to Gavin McInnes’s show), and his daily (free!) content is incredibly insightful.  He’s truly changed my thinking on a number of key issues.  He’s the kind of reasonable, eloquent culture warrior we need more of right now.  Subscribe here, donate here.
  • Censored.TV – Man, love this website.  Gavin McInnes possesses the gift of gab, and he spits out some of the best, rambling, extemporaneous commentary I’ve ever heard.  With his faithful, goofy sidekick Ryan Katsu Rivera, he holds forth on the issues of the day with hilarious effect.  His commentary isn’t for the faint of heart (or most women), but it’s hilarious.  Gavin is persecuted and misrepresented daily, but continues to fight.  His website supports other conservative and non-Left warriors, so send him a few bucks!  Subscribe here, donate here.

This list is just a start.  You can read about my other blogger buddies, some of whom don’t appear to have donation methods, though I could have just missed their links.  NEO (of Nebraska Energy Observer) and Bette, leave a comment if there’s a way folks can send you some cash.

And, of course, you can always support me with a tip (see below) or with a SubscribeStar subscription.  You can also purchase my music, which really helps me out, or even stream it.  The easiest way is to disable your ad blocker.  I know ads are annoying, but they bring in a trickle of income.

Thanks for your support.  I know these sites and creators will appreciate it, too.  ‘Tis the season!


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