The Tuck for President

The 2020 election is looming, and while Trump is struggling at the moment, I am praying that he can pull out another victory and another four-year term.  The stakes are high:  a Trump victory, at minimum, allows us to forestall a progressive Armageddon for another four years; it also undermines both the Never Trumpers (who can no longer write off Trump’s 2016 victory as a “fluke”) and the ultra-progressives.  I don’t think the modern Democrat Party has much of a moderate wing left, but that small, dying minority might be able to convince the Party that going full-on progressive is a bad move.

A Trump defeat, however, would be catastrophic.  Z Man wrote Tuesday that a “Democratic sweep” would essentially mean the end of elections in America—at least, the end of meaningful national ones:

More important, there is no electoral option either. The Democrat party is actively cheering on this lunacy. Joe Biden is running an extortion campaign, where a vote for him means an end to the violence and Covid lock downs. How realistic is that when his party is cheering for the mayhem, promising to take it to a new level after they win the final election. It is not hyperbole to say that a Democrat sweep in November means the end of elections. What would be the point?

Trump’s defeat would also embolden the Jonah Goldberg/David French neocons of Conservatism, Inc., who are essentially abstract ideologues offering token resistance to the Left.  There’s a reason the joke “The Conservative Case for [Progressive Goal Here]” exists, because National Review tends to put up tortured, weak resistance to the progressive fad of the moment, before finally caving and accepting the latest lunacy as a “bedrock conservative principle.”  What conservative site goes around pitching “magic mushrooms” as conservative—and has done so repeatedly?  The conservative publication of record possesses the quality and depth of a college newspaper.

Regardless, Trump’s defeat would mean not just Biden’s marionette presidency, in which ultra-progressive handlers pull the strings; it would also mean a return to boring, ineffectual, tired, defeated neoconservatism.  National conservatism, social conservatism, traditionalism, populism—these movements and others, which have enjoyed a renewal since 2015, would wither on the vine—or see themselves pruned from “respectable” Beltway “conservatism.”  That would only hasten the victory of progressivism in the absence of any real opposition.

But there is hope.  2020 looms large, but 2024 is is not that far away.  On the Right, there is a good bit of speculation about who will fill Trump’s shoes.  VDare offers one compelling optionTucker Carlson.

Right now, Tucker Carlson is the only man with a massive audience—other than President Trump—speaking to and for conservatives and patriotic Americans.  The popularity of his nightly program suggests that Americans are starving for a champion.  Trump has filled that role, albeit imperfectly.  It does seem that The Tuck exerts some influence over GEOTUS, who takes some of his cues from The Tuck’s hit show.

Right now, The Tuck’s main influence is keeping Republicans in line.  They would do well to listen to his counsel.  The VDare piece notes how Tucker’s influential commentary and interviews have caused several Senate Republicans to reverse course on legislation that is definitely not America First:

On Monday, June 29, Carlson unloaded on Indiana Sen. Mike Braun over his police reform bill that would end Qualified Immunity, which protects law enforcement, firefighters, and other public servants from frivolous lawsuits. Braun’s bill would open every officer in America to far-Left lawfare.

Braun appeared on Carlson’s program because he had criticized the bill the previous week. Braun claimed to represent “Main Street,” yet his only defense for backshooting the cops was that Republicans “need to be in the discussion” of “systemic racism.”

Carlson’s aim was true. He said Braun didn’t represent Main Street, then skewered the senator’s claim that police support the bill, and finally mocked him for caving to the radical left.

“So you’re taking your cues from Chuck Schumer?” Carlson fumed. “You’re saying Chuck Schumer might criticize me; therefore, I have to pass a law that makes it easier to sue police?”

Carlson finished Braun with a brutal blast: “You think you’re going to keep the Senate in the fall with this platform?… I don’t think the public supports you at all on this.”

The video went viral, and Braun backed away from the bill shortly after. “Democrats have blocked any attempt for police reform, and I’m not going to push this bill further without input from law enforcement,” he said [Sen. Braun Halts Qualified Immunity Bill Amid Fox News Interview, Police Union Backlash, by Payton Knobeloch, WYFI, July 2, 2020].

Tucker Carlson is the logical—and, perhaps, the only viable—replacement for Trump.  No other prominent Republican has Tucker’s guts—quite frankly, his balls—to take on The Swamp.  The Tuck is more Trumpian than Trump.  Here’s a man who would unabashedly outlaw automated trucking because it would destroy one of the few jobs blue-collar middle-aged men can get reliably, depriving them of their livelihood—and destroying a plethora of related industries and businesses in the process.

Libertarians will wring their hands at that—“but we would have so much more efficiency!”—but Carlson realizes it’s worth paying a few pennies more for your Amazon order in order to keep tens of millions of men in work.  The death of truckers wouldn’t be like one hardware store in town out-competing another because it saves on labor costs; it would be the final death knell of the white working class, a group that is already dying economically.

Carlson also was one of the first major public figures to challenge openly the mindless mantra that “Diversity is Our Strength.”  The Tuck simply asked:  how?  The vast majority of the evidence suggests otherwise:  increase immigration drives down wages for native-born workers; it creates ethnic enclaves, discouraging the assimilation of immigrant groups; and, quite simply, it creates a great deal of conflict.

The Tuck has had his house attacked by crazed Leftists, and has had to move as a result.  His response:  if you dox me, I’ll dox you.  That’s the kind of fight we need on the Right.  David French—whom Tucker once described as “the least impressive” person he’s ever met—would probably apologize to the looters and adopt another Ethiopian as penance to the mob.

It’s a no-brainer.  I sincerely hope Tucker will run in 2024, or at least whenever it makes sense to do so.  He would be sensational, and might actually have the focus and the wherewithal to save this country.

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