Screwed by SCOTUS

My brother sent me a meme the other day:  a picture of nine Clarence Thomases under the heading “The Ideal Supreme Court“:

Memes are often pithy statements of the Truth, and, boy, this one nails it.  Given the treacherous and boneheaded rulings from the Supreme Court this week—particularly from perennial traitor Chief Justice John Roberts, joined in one ruling with milquetoast toady Neil Gorsuch—we could do for a Court full of Clarence Thomases.  Such a Court would understand the Constitution and the role of the Supreme Court in relation to it better than any Court we’ve had since the 1920s.

A big selling point for President Trump’s election in 2016 was that he would be able to alter the Supreme Court and the federal court system for, potentially, generations.  Everyone knew Roberts was a wishy-washy Bushite, one whose interpretation of “judicial restraint” meant deferring to legislatures as much as possible—even when the legislatures didn’t write laws correctly.  That was the heart of his betrayal on the Affordable Care Act, in which he argued that even though Obamacare said one thing, the legislature was really just sloppy and meant something the opposite.  That’s a funny approach to “judicial restraint.”

But Gorsuch has been fairly reliable until this week.  I guess you can’t trust a Episcopalian from Colorado to render a sound, constitutional, and socially conservative ruling on matters of LGBTQ2AO+ insanity.  Now, if a man says he’s a woman, and his mental illness presents itself as detrimental to his employer, it’s that much more difficult to release him from employment without the potential for a major legal battle.  The same issue that black employees face—employers are sometimes reluctant to hire, and extremely reluctant to fire, blacks because there’s always the threat of “racism” lingering over any interaction—will now be the case for everyone, as any person can, according to our current orthodoxy, redefine xyrself into any identity xy chooses.

The gay stuff has really gotten out of hand.  What started out as a reasonable request—“we just don’t want to ‘live in the shadows anymore’—became a demand that four-year olds watch demonic crossdressers read story books and put condoms on bananas.  Let’s be real—homosexuality is, at best, a form of extreme sexual degeneracy, and gender dysphoria—which a tiny faction of a percent of the population actually has, with most other people just trying to be interesting by jumping onto a trend—is a mental illness.  We don’t give degenerates and mental patients the keys to the kingdom.  We shun the former and lock up or treat the latter.

Besides that, Roberts doubly betrayed America in his wild DACA ruling.  Essentially, he and the liberal majority argued that while President Trump can dismantle the unconstitutional executive order that created the ludicrous DACA program via executive fiat, he wasn’t nice enough in how he did it.  The majority ruling scrupulously avoided discussing the constitutionality of DACA itself, because, well, it’s blatantly unconstitutional.

Again, let’s be real:  President Obama himself said he did not have the power to grant amnesty to the children of illegal immigrants via executive decree a year before he reversed course and did it anyway.  All that matters in this case is that DACA is illegal and unconstitutional on its face, as only Congress has the ability to write and alter immigration legislation (although Congress has given the President broad powers in enforcing and altering immigration policy—probably unconstitutionally—the ability to create immigration legislation whole cloth with the stroke of a pen is, clearly, an unconstitutional overreach of executive power).  Now President Trump is bound to uphold an unconstitutional executive order from a prior administration.

The only silver lining here is that the Trump administration can try again, they just have to be nicer about it, and they have to plan more carefully so illegals don’t get their feelings hurt.  I love Trump, but let’s be real:  the so-called “Dreamers” aren’t going anywhere.  Regardless, the President—any President—should be able to overturn the executive orders of a prior administration, especially unconstitutional ones.  The Supreme Court has once again overstepped their boundaries.

Trump’s other appointee, Brett Kavanaugh, has at least held strong, and while Gorsuch went with the trends of his class and station, I have some hope his ruling this week was an aberration.  I fear, however, that he’s another Anthony Kennedy.  Time will tell.  I suspect that Kavanaugh’s contentious confirmation hearing red-pilled him significantly.  He and Clarence Thomas have that in common.  Perhaps Thomas, too, realized in the 1990s that any conservative constitutionalist is not going to get a fair shake, and that there’s no reasoning with Leftists.

I do think it’s imperative that Trump get reelected for a multitude of reasons, one of which being the opportunity to appoint perhaps one or two more Supreme Court justices to the bench.  Even a lukewarm Gorsuch would be better, 90% of the time, than Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Getting burned 10% of the time is better than getting burned 90% of the time.

That said, wouldn’t it be great if a Republican president could appoint actual constitutionalists to the bench?  Surely there’s another Antonin Scalia or Clarence Thomas out there.

Trump has already made substantial strides in altering the direction of the federal courts.  If he gets reelected, he needs to dedicate his considerable energies to picking the best, most conservative justices possible.  Replacing the Notorious RBG with a fresh-faced Scalia-clone or Thomas fanboy would rock the nation to its core, and set the Supreme Court—finally!—back on the right track.

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