One element of the riots that’s struck me particularly hard is the utter lack of dignity, not just of the looters, but of the elites that would enable them.

An image that burns in my brain is that of Webster, Massachusetts Police Chief Michael Shaw lying face down in a show of “solidarity” with Black Lives Matter protesters.  Around him sit several protesters, casually drinking in a law enforcement officials public humiliation.  Chief Shaw did this voluntarily, allegedly, albeit as a crowd chanted for him to lie down.

It’s ritual spectacle for the Leftist mob, and grace on the cheap for Shaw.  Rather than preserve his dignity and that of his position, he gave himself to the raucous crowd.

But it will not mollify the Left for long.  Even as protesters cheered and thanked the chief for his humiliation, one demonstrator, according to Fox News, said, “It’s not enough, but it’s a start!”

That sums up progressivism in a nutshell:  no amount of groveling boot-licking and simpering “solidarity” will ever be enough.  The mob is never satisfied, and wants ever increasing displays of humiliation in a vain effort to atone for invisible sins.

Chief Shaw sacrificed his dignity to a mob that, at best, has been duped by a racialist, black nationalism terror organization into believing the source of all black misery is the success of white folks.  He took the easy way out, and will enjoy the accolades of his fellow goodwhite progressives for a time.  But BLM still hates him, as they hate anyone who doesn’t look and think like them.

The Left has taken a gracious act—apologizing—and turned it into a weapon with which to bludgeon, perpetually, anyone who ever slips up and violates their ever-shifting commandments.  The sad takeaway is that, when dealing with the Left, we simply cannot apologize.

That’s hard for me to write as a Christian and as the person I am (I feel like I apologize for things, even those things that aren’t my fault, constantly), but apologizing to the Left is capitulation.  An apology is a two-way street—the apology itself, and—perhaps after some time—the extended forgiveness.  Forgiveness may take awhile for the aggrieved party to extend, but that is the ultimate destination.

But the Left has taken that two-way exchange of apology-forgiveness and turned it into apology-persecution.  Once you have apologized—acknowledged your “wrong,” whether perceived, imagined, or real—you have conceded defeat, and the Left will never extend forgiveness.

There is no apologizing to the Left, just as there is no true compromise with it.  If the mob demands your apology—and they will do so in the most dignity-stripping way possible—resist.  Refuse to apologize.

You’ve done nothing wrong.

4 thoughts on “Dignity

  1. […] Trump’s other appointee, Brett Kavanaugh, has at least held strong, and while Gorsuch went with the trends of his class and station, I have some hope his ruling this week was an aberration.  I fear, however, that he’s another Anthony Kennedy.  Time will tell.  I suspect that Kavanaugh’s contentious confirmation hearing red-pilled him significantly.  He and Clarence Thomas have that in common.  Perhaps Thomas, too, realized in the 1990s that any conservative constitutionalist is not going to get a fair shake, and that there’s no reasoning with Leftists. […]


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